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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 8th Birthday Mitchell!

June 2009
I can't believe Mitchell turned 8 years old! Time just goes by so quickly.
These first pictures are from his family birthday party.
Of course, we're missing Amanda and another set of grandparents.
Oh, and other aunts and uncles and cousins. ;)
This picture cracks me up! It's his smile.
Just being goofy...which is pretty much what this age is all about!


Finally, the presents!
I just love Hailey in the back ground sneaking off with one of his other presents.
That's what you call b-u-s-t-e-d!

Swingball and other fun stuff from Grandma & Grandpa P.

More fun stuff...

Hmmmm...if it were my birthday....


Fishing pole and tackle box from Grandma & Grandpa U.

Grandpa U vs. Grandma P.

Hailey brushes grandma back!

Grandpa P. getting in on the action

Mitchell...my sweetie

Mitchell finally gets in on his own game. :)

A few days later we celebrated Mitchell's Birthday at the waterpark.
For the first hour I thought my camera was broken.
Then I realized that I had it set on night vision.
Greta and Hailey

Too cute!

Mitchell, Cole & Josiah

Daddy and Hailey

Josiah, Mitchell, Tyler and Cole

Hailey refusing to smile.
That's ok, I'll take the cute toes!

Mitchell waiting patiently for dad to light the candles on his cupcake.

Mitchell and the gang

Josiah enjoying his cupcake

Weston, Greta and Hailey

What flavor did you have?

Mitchell and Tyler

Present time...

Thanks Tyler!

Thanks Cole & Josiah!

Thanks Weston!

Mitchell had a great time! Although he missed a few of his friends that couldn't make it, he enjoyed the time he had with the friends that came. :) Good friends are to be treasured.
Mitchell, you are such a kind, loving, gentle boy. I love it when out of the blue you say "Love you Mom" or "Love you dad". I also treasure your winks. ;) I just love you to pieces buddy! Or as I used to call you my buttercup!
Happy Birthday buddy!

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