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Friday, April 2, 2010

Favorite Foto Friday #3

Welcome back for Favorite Foto Friday! This week's theme is:  Spring!  I will announce the theme for the following week at the bottom of the post.  I hope you'll link up and show your SPRING pictures as well.

I love spring because it means walks and scooters and biking...

It means going to the park

It means celebrating Birthdays

And it means lots of bonfires!

I love spring.  It also means Good Friday is here.  And Easter is in a few days!
Here's my Good Friday post with a video.  It's powerful.  

Now it's your turn! Here's how it works: Put up your own foto in your own post on your blog. Once you've completed your post, link back somewhere in your post to my blog, and then sign up on MckLinky below. Make sure to keep the name of your link short and make sure to use spaces between words and characters. Also, make sure that your link is directly to the FFF post and not your regular home page. Then hop on over to others blogs to see their fotos! If you have an idea for a theme, write it in the comments. Make sure to leave a comment when you visit the other blogs to let them know you stopped by. :)

Next week's theme is:  EGGSTRAVAGANZA! 

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