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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Challenge Update

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since I started the 28 Day Challenge. The Challenge is to detox and make healthier eating choices. The first week went great. It was actually fun shopping. Then the kids came home. It's a lot harder to feed them only vegies, chicken and fruit which is essentially what I was eating, along with protein shakes and my fizzy tabs (which by the way I LOVE). If you're trying to kick the habit of drinking pop or coffee, I highly recommend the fizzy tabs by Arbonne. Anyways...week 2...I flopped. I had everything I'm not supposed to have (dairy, gluten, sugar). Well, not everything as I still have not had any pop or artificial sweetners of any kind. :)

I've lost 2 1/2 pounds so far. I guess not too bad for 12 days.

What I will say about this challenge is that during that first week, I really started to have more energy and feel better. Since I've slipped up I've noticed that I much more tired and sluggish feeling. The good thing is that while this is a 28 day challenge, it is also a lifestyle change. That means that just because I messed up doesn't mean I can't and won't continue to try to eat more organic fruits and vegies, more whole foods, better meat choices, and less of the bad stuff.

I'm also 6 weeks post surgery. That means I can start exercising again. Yeah!!! I won't be meeting with my personal trainer right away, but I will be getting back to the gym. I actually got on the treadmill last week for 25 minutes. A bit too aggressive I was though. Oh well, it felt great to start back up again.

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