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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My boy

I can't believe my son is 10 years old! Time flies.

We started out with a special breakfast for him. Complete with smiley face birthday pancakes.

Later that day we went to Nickelodian Universe for a few rides
That car is carrying precious cargo.
My three youngest!

Dave went with on this one

Then we went to the Rain Forest Cafe.


Hailey being silly

The exlposion (or something like that)

Comes with a sparkler in it and a crew of waiters
singing Happy Birthday!

They have beautiful fish tanks

We took 3 pictures.
 In every picture Dave is looking at the security guards that are running past us.
As soon as we were done, Dave and the kids took off running too.
Apparantly they caught 2 teenagers stealing.

We ended the evening with a bonfire.

Mitchell always has to have his burning stick.

My teenager with her grandma's wig.

 I'm pretty sure this is his favorite gift!

More birthday pics to follow.

Oh...plus a new do for my 10 year old. 


  1. wow! what a happy family.

    btw, i listed your blog as one of my favorite: http://asundaytoshare.blogspot.com/p/my-favorite-christian-sites.html

  2. Chris;

    BEAUTIFUL PICS of the family!!!!! I truly miss all of you guys! Sure hope M's birthday was all he wished for! Hard to believe how big all of them have gotten! Nice to see pics of F & M too! Sending love and good wishes to all of you! You know who!!! :)


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