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Sunday, November 20, 2011

No ax needed!

Well, I am not a hunter.
But my husband is. He loves hunting.
We were at the cabin and him and my son were about to go grouse hunting.
My hubby asked me a couple of times if I wanted to go.
No...no thanks honey...I replied. You go ahead.
Well, after the second time I finally said...ok...just for a bit.
My youngest said she would go too. I figured it would be good to get some exercise.
So...off we all go!

We're walking and walking and listening and walking and watching and walking...

All I can say....BORING! ha, ha!

So, finally Dave says...shhhhh...and puts his hand back at us. That's code for...you stay back here.

My son is super excited...I turn on the video...you know...just in case. :)

Watch to see what happens.


If you didn't notice...you can actually see the grouse jump up in the lower left part of the screen.

We never did find the bird.

But he did manage to cut shoot a tree down!
Too funny!

It took him a while to figure out where that tree came from because as you might've noticed in the video...he was too busy watching for the bird. :)

Oh....like I said...no ax needed.
Just get out the shot gun.

Of course he would want me to tell you that it was the first time he ever fired his dads automatic. ;)

I love my son's reaction in the background.
Good memories...

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