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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My first born

When I think of my first born, I think of things like this:
- I knew nothing about being a mother
- I was afraid and excited all at the same time
- Nothing could prepare me for the moment she came into this world
- There is no feeling like looking into the eyes of the baby you created
- The feeling like your heart is going to explode and how you're not sure how you could love someone so much!
- Remembering all the firsts...how fun!
- I kept such detailed records of EVERYTHING! 
- The tears that flowed the first time she got on a bus for Kindergarten.
- The feeling of happiness (and relief :) when she graduated from high school.
- All the feelings of protection and for her safety.
- The joy of watching her grow up and become a beautiful woman.
- The excitement when she got engaged!
- There's just so much emotion associated with a first born...as they are well..."the first"...and I didn't get the manual when I left the hospital! ha, ha!
- Happy Birthday to my first born!
- I love you so!

Happy Birthday sweetie!

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