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Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Fun Day

We had a day of exploring.
I wish we would've left the house earlier.
We ran out of time.

We stopped for lunch in which I tried to get a cute photo of our youngest two. 

It took a few attempts.

They were being silly

But it captures their personalities

They really are best buds

I love them to pieces!

After lunch we headed to Harmony, MN
We went to Niagra Cave

This is our tour guide giving everyone a chance to get
their "touches" out of the way!

It's 48 degrees inside the cave

This is the waterfall which is 
not very "big" right now.
It was a long way down though!

I think they called this the "Brides Veil"

Can't remember what it's really called.

 This is called the "Dolphin Head"

Panning for fossils, without a pan

We stopped at some cute shops

Dad being silly too...
I wonder where they get it from. :)

I love my boys

And my sugar too

Wearing an Amish Bonnet

He's quite the lad...

Waiting for us to hop in

We were looking for an amish buggy the entire time
When we finally spotted one...I was too slow with my camera!

The End

of one fun day! :)

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  1. I can't wait to go back down there again! Such a beautiful part of the state. Anyone else been down there or other "must sees"?


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