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Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday

Well, this is my first Not Me Monday post. And I'm a fairly new blogger. To view more "Not Me Monday" posts, go to My Charming Kids.


If you have not read my 4 posts on "Redeeming Halloween", scroll down to Thursday, October 9 or click here to get started. I've listed the origin as well as some fun ways to celebrate Halloween as a Christian.


Back to Not Me Monday....

So, here it goes...

I did not get irritated with my wonderful husband for leaving a sink full of dishes for me, after I most certainly did not leave him with a clean kitchen before I left for work.

And then I most certainly did not just leave the sink full of dishes for 3 days since the kids were at Grandma and Grandpas. While I was not waiting for him to jump in and wash them!

I did not stay up until all hours of the night reading other peoples blogs either.

I did not have to wash the same load of clothes 3 times because I most certainly did not keep leaving them in the wash for so long that they did not smell bad! That would be stupid and wasteful!

I did not let Hailey have a cup cake for breakfast, that is not at all heathy!

I did not let Mackenzie wait an extra 10 minutes at church for me, so that I could write down a "not me" comment because I did not want to forget it.

I did not participate in "Not Me Monday" because I most certainly do not do strange, silly and stupid things because I most certainly am going to win "Mother of the Year" award! :)

Have an awesome God filled week!


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  1. It's a good thing you didn't do any of those things! I DIDN'T decide to read NOT ME MONDAY posts instead of deal with my messy house... nope that would be irresponsible... NOT ME!!


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