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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pitty Party Anyone?

I had a bad weekend. I was depressed, lonely, tired, frustrated and I didn't do so great with my eating or exercising. It really bums me out because when I weighed in on Saturday morning, I had lost a total of 5 1/2 pounds. I was super excited! Then as I got more into the weekend, I started to feel down and found myself easily irritated with my children. It seemed as though they were on a quest to destroy everything in the house. Ok well that's an exageration. Really, they just needed my attention. And I think really, I just needed the attention of my Heavenly Father. Of course, every time I sat down to read His Word, I was interrupted. Sometimes, I wonder how I can find balance. When my children need me and I just need a moment with my Father. In hindsight I realized that I should've included them in my time with the Lord. Although we did go to church and had a wonderful evening with our Family Life group, I still left a little down.

Sunday afternoon I was sitting in my living room planning out our dinner menu for the week. When I do this I try to plan the meal around who's going to be home between Dave and myself. Dave works Tuesday evenings and I work Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Well, since he was going to be gone deer hunting unil late Monday night and then he will be working at the Christian Fair on Friday night, that meant we wouldn't share a meal together until Saturday night when we have dinner at church. Thinking about that really got me down. Especially since he'd been gone since Friday morning. I guess I was just missing my hubby and was wishing he were home with me.

I rounded up my kiddos, gave them their baths and had them tucked in by 8 pm. As I thought about our weekend and thought about what a terrible mom I was because we didn't do anything fun, I was consumed with guilt. Then I decided that I needed some chips. So, I laid on the couch eating my chips, thinking about how wrong it was for me to sit there and eat chip after chip. I really had myself a pitty party. Does anyone else ever have those days? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

The thing is that I could hear the soft voice of my Father calling me. He was calling me to just sit on His lap and tell Him all about it. I did pray and tell Him what He already knew. But what I didn't do was to WAIT and listen to Him or even let Him comfort me. Instead, I went up to bed and turned on the TV. I thought about calling Dave, but when I looked at the clock I knew he would already be in bed. Then...the phone rang...and I have a certain ring for my love so I knew it was him. I was so excited. Kind of like when you're dating and you're waiting by the phone and when they call you get all giddy inside. I couldn't believe it was him. And then he told me that he was on his way home. I had to tell him to stop teasing, but he wasn't teasing at all. He really was on his way home - about 3 hours away! Of course, I was excited but I knew something had to be wrong for him to come home a day early. And although I can't share with you what had happened because I want to respect the privacy of others, I will say that I'm very proud of Dave and the man he has become.

My what a difference a day makes. My pitty party is over and I know that I need to run to my Father when I'm in need. He is my comforter. He can even provide me with my husband when I so desperately need him.

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Proverbs 18:10

Lord, help me to know when to run to you. You are all the strength I need. You are my provider. And Lord, I pray for others who so desperately need you right now. Touch them Lord in a powerful way. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Thankful to have my hubby home safe and sound!

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  1. Oh..how I can relate...I sure get the "I'm not doing enough with them" guilt too! As far as the weight loss, when I loose weight, I start "celebrating" with food!!! YIKES!
    Isn't it awesome to have a place to turn...a Heavenly Father's lap to sit on and get filled up again to go back at it another day!!
    You are an amazing daughter of the King, wife and mom!!!


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