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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Week 2 Better Together Check-in

Sorry I'm behind in this post. It's been a tiring week. I think life in the fast lane caught up with me and so I've been resting. I think I managed to fight off a sinus infection while in the process. I actually left work early on Wednesday and only went in for an hour on Thursday because I was not feeling well.

Well, regarding the challenge. Ummm....not such a good week. At one point I had lost 5 pounds. And when I weighed in on Friday, I had gained 1 1/2 of those pounds back! Really frustrating to say the least! But I know why. I didn't exercise most of this week and my eating habits were terrible. Although I have maintained eating breakfast every day! That is a huge victory for me. So, in two weeks that is one habit that I have stuck with. The other thing I noticed is that when I'm at work, I do great! When I'm at home all day long...not so great. And since I was home Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...could that be why I took 2 steps back? Now is where I need to tackle that issue, because obviously I can't just decide to stay away from my home every day all day!

So, as of today I've lost 3 1/3 pounds for the 2 weeks. Still a celebration. Not the one I hoped, but I can still make my goal. I'm going to take my kids for a long walk and to the park today. It's a bit on the chilly side, but it'll still be fun!

How are you doing in your challenge?

After the reading from the Law and the Prophets, the synagogue rulers sent word to them, saying, "Brothers, if you have a message of encouragement for the people, please speak." Acts 13:15

So, I hope to leave you with a message of encouragement...no matter where you are in your challenges of life, never give up. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. And right now is always a great time to start something. Whatever it is, ask your Heavenly Father for His help, His guidance, His strength. I know this week, I've been trying to do this on my own. I forgot to lean on Him and not on myself. But there is NO condemnation in Christ. We do not have to carry a moment of that, a moment of guilt. No we have Christ. He's all we need. He's our Alpha and our Omega. Our beginning and our end. Our all sufficient. Jehovah-jireh...Our provider. He's El Elyon...The God Most High. He is El Shaddai...The All-Sufficient One. He is Self-Sufficient...God is able to bring about His will without any assistance. He can do that for me! He wants to do that for me. Just saying this, calling out these Names of God, brings me encouragement. Instead of saying how big my challenge is, I say to my challenge "You have no idea how big my God is!" My body is God's temple and I will honor Him!

Bless you all and I pray that you may walk away being encouraged for today and all the days that follow! I would love to hear from you about your week.


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  1. Sorry to hear you didnt have too good a week, but at least you know where you went wrong. My week was much better than last week, in that I ate really healthily, but did no exercise as I still have not been well. But I did manage to lose half a kg.


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