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Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Not Me Monday - Being brutally honest and living to tell about it. This is where we can be real and not have to worry about being judged. Laughed at maybe, but not judged! ha! Gotta love it! If you'd like to grab a cup of coffee and have a bunch of laughs, go to My Charming Kids and play along!

  • I did not take a nap BOTH days this weekend.

  • I did not eat lunch and then come home and make myself lunch again 1 hour later and then as I wasn't eating said lunch, realize that I'm not hungry and wonder why? I'm not losing my mind...am I?

  • I am not reading the book "Respectful Kids" since I already have the MOST respectful, well behaved children that ever walked the face of this earth. ;)

  • I did not just join Facebook a few days ago. That would be crazy!

  • Being that I just didn't join FB, I most certainly did NOT spend hours upon hours searching for friends.

  • I definately do not recommend that you join FB and get in touch with old friends. Not me...you're not hearing that from me...I'm not warning you right now.

  • I most certainly am not worried that someone out there is going to reject me as their friend wondering who this crazy lady is!

  • I did not let my kids eat gogurt upon gogurt for breakfast and lunch because I just plain didn't want to make lunch. Did I?

  • I did not decide to participate in the 40 day Love Dare and then upon doing one of the dares - my husband did most certainly NOT fall off his chair because I said in my sweetest voice ever: "Sweety, what can I do for you today?" That would just NOT be right!

  • I'm not about to tell you that I was not at church and was not crying because one of our pastors are leaving. And then while crying while standing in the middle of the sanctuary with about 2000 eyes upon me and other staff and elders as we were praying for this pastor, I was not sobbing uncontrollably and therefor my nose was not running and of course if I was doing such a thing I would make sure I had kleenex but since I wasn't doing that, I didn't end up just pulling out my sleeve of my brand new sweater and give the old nose a big wipe. Not me and if I did do such a thing I most certainly would not share that with you! How gross!

  • If there were an exit in our church parking lot that was marked: "Wrong Way" and "Do Not Exit", not that there is...but if there were I most certainly would not go out that exit. And then in church on Sunday, let's just say that our pastor did not put a picture up of that sign and tell those of us that do not go out that wrong way...not to do that...now I'm just saying because I mean after all it is a church for heavens sake and I might not just be an employee of said church. So as I wasn't saying...if perhaps one didn't feel the need to confess such a crime...I most certainly would not do that. No way!

Ok now that you don't know the most embarrassing things that could've happened to a person...it's your turn to share. Just share one thing if you dare!


  1. I once ate about 7 yogurts in one day I shouldn't worry to much . great not me monday

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