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Monday, January 19, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

No...don't get all excited. I still don't have my new year's eve pictures ready. Well, I have some of them uploaded...that was pre-virus! Our I.T. guy at work said it's REALLY infected! So, I will have to wait. You see...the rest of my pictures are on my camera and I only know how to get them from my memory stick to my computer. I use my printer and it's super easy. Well, since I don't have my computer, I have my work laptop...I'm out of luck. Soon! He said he'll have it rebuilt...yes I said completely wiped out and rebuilt by Monday. Then I promise!

Ok so I was reading another blog and this mom was talking about funny things her kids say. And then I tried to think of some of the cute and funny things my kids say or have said. Well, I was having a hard time remembering them. I am so sad. I know I have had MANY laughs at their expense. ;) So, I decided I wanted to try to remember. I also thought I would add some older pictures of the kids.

Amanda - my pooky

When she was one year old she would stand on the couch and yell out the window "HEY!" over and over and over again. I would go to see who she was saying hey to, but usually it was no one. Well no one I saw anyways. :)

First word was "turtle". I swear! Well, after mama and dada.

Second word was...well let's just say it's not a word you want to hear coming from your 1 1/2 year old. Yep! Just ask my sister how that came about. She'd say a lot of snow and a car with bad tires and being stuck.

Amanda is so intelligent! She is like a sponge. When she was about 7 years old, her grandma U had taken her to the zoo. They were standing at the shark exhibit and someone was trying to figure out what each shark was. Well, Amanda proceeded to point each one out and tell them what it was. Her grandma just smiled and winked at the other person, thinking she was just guessing or making up names. But then when the other adult found the display on the wall, he couldn't believe that she was right and had named them all correctly! That's my Amanda.

Ok - she's 18 now...I know more will come to me! I may have to get out the baby book.

Mackenzie - my lovie

This pictures was taken on her 8th birthday. We were in the Black Hills. And yes...she's that tan. It doesn't matter if I put a 60 protection on her (which I do) she still gets this tan!

Mackenzie was about 2 yrs old. She kept saying she wanted to watch "swiper no swiping!" I could not for the life of me figure it out. She just kept saying swiper no swiping. Now, this was before Dora the Explorer was all over everything. Finally, Amanda told me. But that was the next day when she kept saying it over and over! Man...I think I pulled out handfuls of hair those 2 days. Tears galore!

Mackenzie is one of those kids who always says what's on her mind. And she repeats what she hears! If I were to say something about someone...for example...We're waiting for someone to arrive and it's been a long time and I say "Jane Doe is really late. It would be nice if she would call and let us know if she's coming since she is bringing the appetizers." Or something like that. Then when Jane Doe arrives, Mackenzie will say..."my mom says you're late and since you were bringing appetizers it would be nice if you called." Oh my gosh! That's when you want to fall off your chair! It's like having a parrot around.

One thing that really warms my heart about Mackenzie is her willingness to forgive others. She has a beautiful heart!

Mitchell - my buddy

Mitchell always finds the piles of dirt, wood, sticks, etc. He loves going up north!

I love how just out of the blue he'll say "Love you mama" And I'll say "Love you too buddy" And he'll say "moon and back" And I'll say "moon and back...infinity and beyond" And he'll say "infinity and beyond". And what's even more precious is his smile and sparkle in his eye!

Have I told you that my son has the softest cheeks ever. I'm not kidding. He could be the skin so soft child. ;)

Our friends the Bonahoom's = Bodaboom's

Refers to grandparents by which dog they have. Because both of their grandma's are Mary. So is it the grandma with the Bently or grandma with the Meg? Now that Bently is in doggie heaven, he is trying to figure out how to identify them.

When we go to the cabin, he knows we're close when we hit the dirt road. So, he'll keep asking "are we almost on rocky road?". And if we should turn onto another dirt rocky road, he'll say..."yeah...we're on rocky road...we're almost there!"

One thing about Mitchell...he is the MOST observant kid! He reminds me a lot of Amanda. He notices things many people don't. Especially when we're out and about on a walk or in the woods.

A man from our church got shot and almost died. After he was home from the hospital we went to see him to give him some pants that could fit over the bandages on his leg. Well, Dave was explaining to the kids what happened to him. So, when we got there...the first thing Mitchell said was: "Did you get shot? Where did you get shot? Who shot you? Why did you get shot? Did you almost die? Did you get shot with a gun?" I mean the questions just kept coming and I was so embarrased! So, Ronald obliged and answered each of his questions very patiently. Well over the years we've spent a lot of time with Ronald and EVERY time we see him. Mitchell says...Did you get shot? or You got shot didn't you? Did you get shot with a gun? You almost died didn't you? He just does NOT forget!

We were on our way to Al Newman's house and Hailey couldn't remember who he was. So, Mitchell was telling her that he played baseball. And Hailey asked another question and Mitchell said "no Hailey, he's brown and his head is shiny"! Al got a kick out of that!
Mitchell used to call his backpack - packpack. :) (Daddy remembered this one)

Hailey - my bean

Here's what she calls(ed) things:

Oatmeal = oapeemeal

Spaghetti = sgetti

Alligator = alivator

Wash cloth = closh cloth

When she wanted me to pick her up she would say "Hold you mama, hold you" with her arms reaching up for me!

When she wants my attention, she takes both of her hands and puts them on my cheeks and turns my face towards hers. Too cute!

The other night Kenzie, Mitch & Hailey were downstairs watching a movie daddy had rented for them. All of a sudden all 3 of them came running up the stairs...crying. They were all trying to tell us about this movie and they had put the dog down in the movie. Apparently the dog had rabies. But Hailey is saying how they "stabbed the dog with the gun and the doggy didn't even have rabies grabies. I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry! It was just so cute! So, cute that I had to have her tell me the story again just to see if I heard her right. Yep...she said grabies.


Ok, so just a few memories. Time flies...I can't believe my oldest has graduated and my youngest is in kindergarten. Before I know it, I will be planning paying for weddings.

We are so blessed. I love my family. Maybe I'll share a few memories of funny things my husband says sometime. He has such a sense of humor and he makes me laugh. Ok, I'll share one now. Only because it just happened. Last Monday Mackenzie was up all night with the stomach flu. Dave and I were taking turns getting up with her when she would cry. Dave had went and got a fresh garbage bag for her "puke bucket" just in case. She was in our bed and at about 5 am finally got sick. (In the garbage we had right there thank goodness!) So, I got up to help her, got her cleaned up, went downstairs to empty the garbage throw the whole bag out and then back to our room. So, then my sweet hubby says all serious..."you didn't throw that brand new bag out did you? You could've just rinsed it out and used it again." To which I just stood there looking at him...trying to figure out if he was serious. Then he starts to laugh. So, you see even in the midst of something not so fun at a not so fun hour of the morning, there can be humor!

The one thing about our marriage, a key part of it actually, is that we laugh...A LOT! We chase each other around, tickle, joke, and just plain have fun. I pray that each of you have that too.

I'm ending with this scripture. It's very fitting for this week and I'll tell you why.

Ecclesiates 3:4 A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance.

Many of you have been praying for Dave's cousin Kristen and her husband Sean. For those that don't know about them, last December they lost their baby boy. Kristen was almost ready to deliver him when she got a severe case of Type A strep throat. The baby got it and died in utero while they were at the hospital. After an emergency c-section, Kristen continued to get worse and was in critical condition. It's a miracle given by God that she is alive. The time has come and they will be burying Will next Saturday. Please pray for their entire family. For many this is the first funeral they've had to attend for a child. Sad to say, this will be my third and it's the worst. There's no way to prepare for this and so I ask for your prayers for this family. I also ask for you to pray that many people will be brought closer to the Lord through this. God never intended for this to happen, but He will use this and make good come from it. He always does. He's so faithful! And His Mercy endures forever!

In His grip,


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  1. I am so enjoying your blog!! I just loved reading all those cute things your kids have said over the years. I am sitting here in this quiet house laughing out loud :) Thank you!


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