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Monday, March 2, 2009

We're home!

Well, we're in our new home. Although we still have stuff to do at the old house. Our 3 youngest kids were sick this week. First was Mackenzie with sinus/cold stuff. She was up all night on Sunday, missed school on Monday. Then went back to school on Tuesday...had a bad night and then we took her to the dr on Wednesday. They said it was viral and it would be 2 more weeks of this. Yuk! Then on Thursday night, Hailey was up with a bad sore throat. She crawled in bed with us and by morning, her fever was high and she had a bad headache and sore "neck". I just had a feeling it was strep throat. Dave took her to the doctor and sure enough...positive! She was doing much better the next day. Of course, Mitchell wasn't going to miss out on this stuff...he came down with fever and sore throat on Saturday night. Off to the doctor with him on Sunday. The strep test was negative by the doctor thinks it's strep and so he put him on an antibiotic. Now...to make sure Dave and I stay healthy!

Hopefully, I'll have time to post some pictures and updates later this week.

I'm thankful for everything God gives me.

Bless you,


  1. Hope you all are doing better by now!!!

  2. Hope your kids are better soon. Sounds like you are having a new time. How is the Lent going? I have given up bread so far so good. Not really missing it, just battling to comeup with ideas for lunch!


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