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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

David's Birthday

I'm finally catching up on some of my posts. For Dave's birthday we hit the slopes!!! Some of us, harder than others! :)

We were so blessed to have 2 other families go with us. Because the guys were on the other side of the hill, I didn't really get many pictures of them. This is my friend Wendy. She spent much of her time carrying around her kids equipment. ;) What a good mom!

Wendy's daughter, Ellie, helped Hailey her first time down. I sent Hailey up the "magic carpet" first and then I "planned" on being right behind her. NOT! I fell as soon as I got on the belt. Not good. So, there's my 5 year old for the FIRST time ever, at the top of the hill all by herself. Thanks to Ellie who rode up and helped her down.

Mitchell and Daddy. Daddy's thinking...does anyone have some bubble wrap?!?! ;)

Poor Mitchell, he just wanted to go, but Dave was super nervous and tied his scarf around his waist. This picture just cracks me up! What I didn't capture because I took Hailey on the bunny hill and Dave was with Mitchell on the bigger hills, is the many attempts that Mitchell took at snowboarding. All his buddies that were there were snowboarding and they've been snowboarding all year. So, he was bummed. :(

This would be Dave putting on his best face, because really he was pouting. ha, ha! Seriously, he was tired and frustrated. That's Dan and Josiah sitting there with him. Look at Mitchell, he's ready to go back out and try again. He really wanted to snowboard so Dave figured it would be an even greater idea if HE tried to snowboard as well! Again, I was on a different hill and so I didn't get the chance to capture his face plants into the snow. Let's just say he ended up with some cracked or broken ribs and a hernia! Not funny...but yet how can you NOT laugh???? It's hysterical!!! :)

Hailey, waiting patiently for me to get back out on the slopes. She was such a snow bunny. We went in to eat and go to the bathroom only once in the 7 hours we were there!!! She would NOT go in and would've stayed all night if I would've lasted.

Grandma P. and Mackenzie. Mackenzie caught on pretty quick and she had a ton of fun as well!

Here goes Hailey!!! Yikes! I was more afraid than she was. She skied all the way to the bottom by herself. Isn't that just the cutest thing ever?? Crack me up!

Hailey wanted to ride on the chair lift with Marybeth and Greta.

Just had to take this pic!

Marybeth and Greta. Greta has NO FEAR. She is crazy on that snowboard! :)
Personally, I think she takes after her momma!

Here are a few short videos.
Click on the play button to view them.
(You may want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause the music.)
Dave trying to teach Mitchell how to ski...

Hailey's FIRST trip down the bunny hill. Oh my gosh! Scary!
Remember, how I told you above that I had fallen so it was without an adult.

Here's a video of Ellie helping Hailey down the bunny hill.

What a sweet heart she is, she was so patient and kind.

Mackenzie skiing. :) The cautious one...

There she goes!!!!! No fear here! Look out belowwww....

The next day we celebrated Dave's birthday with his parents. Grandma made this yummy homemade cake and of course the kids wanted to help put the candles in.

Happy Birthday Baby! You're way too sexy! (Can I say that?)

Dave and the kids.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Oh what a wonderful man of God you are. We are so blessed! I'm so proud of you and all you've accomplished. I'm blessed to be your wife. I love you....MORE!!!!

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  1. What a great blog!! Love all the pics, and I'm amazed at how much video and photos you captured at Highland Hills. It was a blast and thanks for inviting us! Miss you girl!


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