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Thursday, May 14, 2009

What now?

Well, here I lay in a hospital bed. How did I get here? I was moving along very nicely and then wham...here I am. What did I do? I simple bent over the give Hailey a kiss good-bye! And next thing I know, I can't stand up. Instant pain and I couldn't stand up. I had to have my hubby come over and help me up. Was I going to let that slow me down? No way! I simply had him help me to my car and off to work I went. Never mind that I could barely walk. I was still going to go to work. I mean...there's stuff to do! As the day progressed so did my pain. Finally it was so bad that I couldn't drive myself home. Well, not home but off to lunch with my mom and my sister. So, my friend Susan drove me and we all had lunch. Problem...getting up from the chair after lunch. Ouch! I was in tears and every step felt like I was being stabbed 1000 times! It took 2 people to get me to the car and then off to the emergency room we went. I couldn't make it in and had to be wheeled in.

So, I had an MRI and it showed the I have buldging discs (no secret). I've had back problems for years since a car accident. This time I tore my disc and it's leaning against a nerve. I couldn't even get undressed myself or walk to the bathroom. They gave me lots of IV drugs and I was admitted. I figured I'd be out in a day. Or not! It's Thursday evening and I'm still here. Uhgg! I have things to do! It looks like I'll be here at least another day. Well, what now God? What would you like for me to do with this time?

I guess I could be mad because I had other plans. Or I can take this as a time to rest and listen to the Lord. I'm super bummed because I was suppose to start softball on Tuesday. I guess that's out of the question! No biggie I guess. Right now I'm just trying to figure out what it is the God wants me to get out of this. I had thought I was done "needing" to ask people for help! :) Being that I can't bend over to pull up my own undies...I guess that leaves me slightly helpless. Which reminds me that I have to share what my sweet hubby did today. He made a special trip up here just to shave my legs!!!! Ha! It was really funny and too sweet. He said he'll deny it but I took pictures for proof!

Well, prayers would be great because I personally feel like I've spent enough time up here. And I'll surely be good if I get to go home!

Oh one more thing...I'm a little on the loopy side right now from my pain meds. So, please don't hold me "personally" responsible for typos or strange comments! :)

Bless you all!

Praising God in ALL things. Even this little bump in my road.

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  1. I knew you were on FB but had no clue you'd be BLOGGING! Thanks for the update... I was at church last Wednesday when Susan first shared the news with me. What a pain... literally!! I'm praying for you and look forward to loopy updates :-)


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