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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Current State "at the time"

(This is from back in May 2009)
Well, what to say! I thought I'd share some of the pictures I took while I was in the hospital.
Yes, I took pictures while in the hospital. :) Of course I did!
Well, that is after I became a little more coherent.
And then, when I was a little more aware of what was going on I realized that I hadn't shaved my legs in a few days. And so, when I was rattling off a list of things I JUST HAD to have, my shaver and shaving gel was a must. At the time, I don't think my hubby realized what he was getting himself into. Little did he know that HE would be the one shaving my legs.
Actually he did. He dropped off some stuff, visited with me for a while, had to leave and then made a special trip back, just to shave my legs. Yes, he did put up a fuss at first, wondering why I would need to have my legs shaved when I was just laying in a bed. But after I explained that at least 10 times a day, someone was coming in touching and lifting my legs to see if they were numb or not, and at least 50% of the time it was men...he obliged!
It really was sweet and I had to get it on film!
Getting ready

So sweet

LOVING every second!

Thanks babe! You really are the best and I love you so much!

Some visits from friends


Hailey and Mackenzie
(those are my reading glasses she's wearing)


Mitchell, Hailey, Mackenzie

Amanda and Josh came up but that was pre-camera days.
As did others prior to me having a camera.
I know, I know...you're all thanking me for that!
Going home...finally...after 7 days in the hospital.
Thanks to my wonderful husband, family and friends (especially Sheri) they saved me from being admitted to the rehab center (aka nursing home)!
Dave always plays with the stuff!

Just in time to see Hailey lose her FIRST tooth!

Here it is!

Once again, my wonderful hubby, getting all 10 of my prescriptions figured out.
You really should've seen the elaborate spreadsheet he came up with.
Too bad he spent two hours working on it only to find out that it only would work if I actually woke up at the exact times to take them! :) And after just the first day, he accidentally double dosed me on one of them. Or wait...was it an accident? :) ha, ha

Oh...the tooth fairy came!

Thanks honey for all your hard work.
Thanks to all my friends who came to visit me. And thanks for forgiving me for not remembering that some of you came! Wow!
Thanks to my friends and family who all pitched in to help Dave while I was in the hospital.
Thanks for all who brought meals and everything else. You are all so wonderful.
Thanks be to God for all He does to provide!

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