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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer is just around the corner!

May 2009
How do I know this?
Because Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone and it's time to go to the cabin!
Yes, I just got out of the hospital and yes, I made the drive to the cabin. Dave and his mom made me a bed in the back of the mini van with lots of memory foam and blankets. It was the most comfortable ride ever! That plus meds = a not so bad ride!

My mom caught a nice walleye right away!
Frank cleaned it for her.


Dave set me up out by the fire. It felt good to get out after sleeping for a day!
Yes, that's a walker! Can you believe it????

My dad

Mitchell, my handsome boy!

Hailey, Mackenzie, Mitchell on the 4 wheeler

The kids LOVE fishing!

Grandma P and Mackenzie

Mitchell working hard to reel this one in!


At the cabin, Daddy and Mitch always have a fire going!

Mitchell would truly sit by the fire all day with his poking stick!

Hailey playing with some rocks she found...or it could be one of the many turtles she caught!

Grandpa P. waiting with Hailey while the adults fish.
Sadie and Meg wanted to come too!

Fishing! Probably not the best decision I made all weekend, but it sure was worth it!

Dave is the guide for us girls. Mom P and Mom U

Then Grandpa U. came out and the kids did too!

Mitchell's walleye

Hailey's big northern!
You should've seen her reel it in by herself. I seriously had to put the camera down because I thought that he surely was going to pull her in the lake!

Mackenzie's little walleye!

Beautiful sunsets!

The kids love watching grandpa U. clean all the fish.

Beautiful Mackenzie...squeeky clean!

The kids REALLY wanted to go fishing and it was pouring rain!
At grandma's cabin they usually get what they want!

And her and daddy took them fishing in the pouring rain!

Hailey's pants fell down on her way in and she was not happy. So grandpa went out in the rain and got her!

And in comes a soaking wet grandma!
What a perfect way to end our beautiful weekend!

Thanks to both of our parents who made it a wonderful weekend!
Summer here we come!
We're looking forward to many more weekends at the cabin.
It's such a peaceful place where we can draw near to the Lord.
Luke 5:16 But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.

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