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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Survival Mode Parent

Another blogger has started this group. It's a volunteer organization that is aimed at helping parents who have sick children in the PICU/NICU. She is looking for volunteers all over the country that are willing to be on call in your area. What a great idea! Being that I've had a child in the hospital more than once. Actually my son was in the PICU for a day and thankfully was healed and only their for a day. My daughter was hospitalized twice for a week and she wasn't in the PICU, but it still was tough. So, I can ONLY imagine what it's like for families when their children are there for an extended time and especially if they're critical. Many of you know about my friend Shannon, who spent many weeks in the PICU with two of her children who ended up dying from Alper's Disease. It was horrible. She continues to help these families even after her children are gone.

This organization is called Survival Mode Parent. You can sign up to volunteer at that website. Please spread the word! Also, if you're into contests at all, here's an incentive. You can win a blog makeover. Not just one but FOUR...one for each season. How cool is that? If you're interested in that, go to this blog and follow the details.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this, Christine! And thanks for sharing your story!!

  2. wow, that sounds great! Thanks for spreading the word!

  3. I couldn't remember if I came over and commented yet so I thought I would do it again just in case. Just wanted to tell you thanks for visiting my blog and for the prayers for my daughter!


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