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Friday, December 11, 2009

Room Time

Well, we've been practicing our new parenting for about 3 weeks now. Here's my first post about it. I have to be honest...it's been working FABULOUSLY! We're studying Danny Silk's "Loving Your Kids on Purpose". I can't believe the changes. Although I must admit, it's hard. It's hard changing habits that have been a part of my entire life. We still have a long way to go, but I can already see changes in our house. Changes from everyone. This is something that is going to take constant practice and reminders. Sometimes when you're in the heat of the moment, you can't remember anything that you just learned! But that's why we have to practice when things aren't heated.

I'm going to tell you how "Room Time" is going. It's working GREAT! As I mentioned in my first post, the first night went great. The second night not so great. Mitchell and Hailey were jumping around and playing after I had told them it was room time. So, I went upstairs and said with a smile on my face, "Ok, you must not be tired. Remember the choice you had?" They said yes. I said, "Ok, since you're not tired Mitchell (8 yrs old), you will clean the bathroom sink. Hailey (6 years old), you will clean the toilet." They went in and did their chores and then I asked them. "Ok are you tired or would you like to do another chore?" They both said they were tired. And I put them to bed and said "It's room time. Don't want to see you, don't want to hear you until the morning." And I didn't hear a peep out of them.

In fact, since that second night, it has worked every night!!! Seriously! Someone asked in my comments how I deal with the crabbiness the next day if they choose to stay up late. Well, I really haven't had to deal with that. They actually go to sleep. They may stay up and read for a while, but not too long. And we put them to bed between 8:00 and 8:30 which helps. Usually by 8:15 they're tucked in. Now, I say it's Room Time, Don't want to see you...and they finish it by saying "Don't want to see you until the morning". It's kind of cute. :)

I was actually hoping that they would be loud so I could have them finish cleaning their bathroom! I don't stress about bedtime, because I have a plan.

Part of the success in the changes is also the heart to heart connection that I've been working on. I've been spending more time getting to their heart. We've been doing more cuddling and talking. We've also been doing less yelling in our house. We're not perfect, not even close, but we're a work in progress. And I have much much more to tell you, but I'm out of time. So, I will try to update again in the next day or so with other great tidbits. Like how I got my 12 year old to do her own laundry without even asking!

Did you try Room Time? How did it work for you?


  1. sounds good. we could use a good study like that. life with 3 noisey boys is getting a bit overwhelming!!

  2. That sounds like a great idea. I will share something that has worked for us.

    That's 1
    That's 2
    That's 3, take 5 (or 6,7,8,9,etc.)

    Up to their room (or other place) they go, every peep and it gets them another minute.

    It has worked wonders... now all we usually have to do is say, "That's 1" and the behavior stops.

  3. can you tell I just found your blog tonight, i hope you do not mind all the comments.
    I love room time although we do not call it that. I have to be honest there are times I like it when they do not stay in bed so that I can get more chores done. We also clean when we are grounded. it helps me and teaches them to help around the house. plus it gives them time to think (a heart issue). if i send them to there room then there are books and toys but if you are wiping down floor boards there is nothing but you and a rag


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