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Friday, January 29, 2010

Five Question Friday 1/29/10

So, I was blog hopping trying to find out how to make a button. I'm going to start a blog hop of my own. It'll be on Tuesdays. Tuesdays Tidbits! And then I came upon Mama M's Blog. She does 5 Question Friday. I thought...why not? So, here it goes.

1. Would you ever vacation alone?Well, probably not! I don't even like to go to a restaurant alone. I'm too much of a whimp. I don't like to be alone I guess. What fun would that be? Not much if you ask me.

2. Do you go the speed limit?Ummmm...hmmmmm...let's see. Maybe I should plead the 5th here! Well, I mean most of the time I do. But I guess I'm FARRRRR from perfect.

3. Why did you start blogging/following blogs?I started blogging because I wanted to share my story. I wanted a place where I could go to write and a place to share the things that God was doing in our life. I have so many journals and notebooks laying around that I've started to write in. But one day I want my children and their children and so on to be able to know me. To be able to know why I have the faith I do. To know why I love the Lord. To know how real He is. And I also wanted family and friends to have a glimps into our lives even when I may not have time to call and tell them everything. :)

4. Where do you shop for yourself?Target and Kohls. Between the two, I'm always set if it's clothing or something like that. Every once in a while I'll shop at Herbergers. I also love Michaels because I love to scrapbook and make cards. And then there's Bed, Bath & Beyond. I could spend an entire day in each of those stores...if I were a shopper. Truth be told, I'm not much of a shopper. My family knows that if they're going to give me a gift of money, it better be with a gift certificate. Otherwise, I'll spend it on groceries or my kids. And they better not make it a Target gift certificate, because I'll spend it on necessities. I like to dress nice, but not spend a lot of money. I love finding the 90% off rack at Kohl's and finding the perfect sweater or shirt. Fun!

5. What was the song that you danced your first dance with your spouse to at your wedding...or...what song would you like your first dance to be to?"The Keeper of the Stars" by Tracy Byrd
Little did I know how much I would truly come to believe what that song says with all my heart. I mean I chose it because I believed it, but we were not living a Christ-centered life when we were married. We were believers but not living the life we do today. I just know that God made Dave just for me and I for him. Along with God, we really do complete each other. Cheesy...I know. But it's just true. He knew what would happen when He joined these two hearts! I love that man! And now...I need to go find that song!


  1. This was really fun to read! I started blogging for very similar reasons. You have a lovely site.

  2. lol, i need to hear that song now!
    i don't know u, but i just read your post, and i liked it :) very nice.


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