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Monday, November 8, 2010

Deer Hunting

Truth be told...I've never been a fan of deer hunting. I think deer are so cute I can't ever imagine shooting one. But I feel the same way about cows and I still eat them. I actually do not like venison though. Even when it is sneaked into something. It's been tried many a time to fool me...and it just doesn't work! ha, ha! The only reason I am ok with deer hunting is if the meat will be eaten. Although I personally have no desire to go deer hunting myself.

My husband has gone deer hunting ever since he was a young boy. It has been a long time rule that no women/girls are allowed. Period! It's been only men. Not a rule that my husband set but that the older men who've been doing this for the past 30 years or so had set. Well, this year was a first. A first for a female to hunt with the guys. Since the deer hunting cabin has been moved to another property and Dave's parents have built their own cabin, they stay there. This year Dave decided that he would take 2 of the kids with.

Anyways...imagine the excitement that our 13 year old daughter had when her daddy told her she could go deer hunting! My kids love the cabin. But THIS was a whole new experience. I was surprised to hear that they actually stayed out in the woods all day both days. Unfortunately, they didn't see a buck. My son was sitting with grandpa and they saw 2 doe, but they were holding out for a buck. He was so excited he was shaking! Neither of our kids have had gun safetey training (and my son is not old enough anyways) and so they were there merely to watch and be a part of the experience. They hunt with a very safe group and that is why I was not having a heart attack when Dave told me he wanted to take them. Thankfully, they're on their way home as I type this, all safe and sound. Hopefully, I'll have pictures to post soon.

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