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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A whole lot of nothing...

I have nothing to say. Strange! Really...I do not know what to write about. I feel like I'm simmering. I have lots of stuff floating around in my head, but it's just not ready to come out yet.

Life has been busy around our house. Spring is in the air! Or should I say, here today and gone tomorrow? It was 70 degrees today and it will be in the 40's tomorrow and then there's snow in the forecast. Geez!

We've had birthdays to celebrate with my oldest turning 21 and my youngest turning 8. Crazy! I figured out that IF Hailey were to move out when she turns 18 (and all other kids are out) I will have been actively parenting (meaning: having a child living at home...in case you didn't know that's what I was talking about) for 31 years! I suspect it will be longer than that. Wow!

Dave and I were sitting here one night when our kids were with their grandparents for a few days. They had been gone for four days and it was really quiet. We talked about how strange it will be when we are empty nesters. Ok...that is years down the road, but we just really missed our kids. We had called to see how they were doing and ask if we should come and get them. Grandma said no...that she wanted them for another night. I heard Dave say "Well mom, we really can come and get them. We do like having our kids you know." ha, ha! It was funny the way he said it.

It just got me to thinking what our lives will be like. What will we do with our time? I'd like to think that we'll be like newlyweds. Maybe we'll travel a lot. But then actually I think I'll probably want my kids to come with. :) Well, maybe not everytime...

Ok...now that got me thinking about vacations. I want to go on a vacation with my family. Where should we go? We have lots of mini things planned for the summer. I love camping now that we have a pop-top. The kids love it too. Between that and going to the cabin we'll have a fun summer. But I'd love to go somewhere over MEA or maybe even spring break next year. I've always wanted to go to the Dells too. Ok...settle down Christine. Where should we go?

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