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Monday, July 18, 2011

One proud mama

is what I am.

My son had a baseball tourney this past weekend. His first ever! Of course, it was the hottest weekend ever.


 His cheering section 

The boys won their first game on Saturday which meant no game until Sunday. Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. they  "faced off" (as my son puts it) again their rival team. It was a nail biter and a very low scoring game the first few innings. They had one bad inning and ended up losing that game. By the time the game was over at about 11:10 a.m. it had to be 90 degrees. They had just 50 minutes to cool off until game number two.

A little pre-batting coaching 
 I just love the coaches. They have just the right balance of coaching.
They are encouraging yet stern when needed.
The boys are taught about hard work, dedication, and commitment.

It's about 1:00 here and the heat index has to be about 115 degrees.
They are staying cool with cold towel and LOTS of water!

 Daddy took him to the batting cages after the game on Saturday.
He must've hit over 100 balls.

They ended up winning this game!
They won in early innings and so the game got over a little early...(2:00)
So...one hour til game time for the championship!
Since they have one loss they have to win twice.

3:00 game time and these boys are exhausted.
The team they are playing only played the 9:00 game and they are all rested up.
Oh...not to mention the portable air conditioner their coach has for them. ha, ha!

Here's my boy after he stole 2nd base!

My guy. Love him!
They were behind going into this inning.
Every run counts!


Get those helmets off and grab a seat.
It's a pitching change.

The boys were down to 8 players at this time.
One of the boys had to leave due to heat exhaustion.
Thankfully, he is ok since they got him off the field at the first sign.

After more than 6 hours of playing in a heat index of 115,
these boys rallied and pulled ahead in the top of the last inning.
They held the other team off and won the game!

They were supposed to play them again right away,
but the coaches decided the boys had been out in the heat too long
so they post-poned the game for a day.

I'm so proud of my son and this team.
They are a first class group of boys!
They didn't brag or throw the win in the other team's face.
Just shook hands and said good game!

Unfortunately, we can't be at that championship game
but we'll be thinking of them and praying for them!

They're all winners in my book and what a great exciting end to the season for us!

I'll never forget that game or that day!

I love you buddy and I'm so proud of you!


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