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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The weight-loss game

Wanna play?

I sure don't.

I'm tired of playing that game, so I've been doing something different.

A few months ago I decided to join a 30 day get fit. I tried to detox. Detox? What's that? Well, I tried to stop putting all kinds of bad stuff into my body. The deal was this...for 30 days you don't eat gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar, artificial sweetners, and instead eat organic whole foods. OK...so that's easier said than done. But I did do well for about 2 weeks. I really did start to feel good and have more energy too. I figured there was probably something to be said about all that junk food. A few months ago, I joined a 60 Day Challenge. The challenge...eat more healthy, exercise, and the result = weight loss. This is no diet though. This is everyday decision making.

I didn't do it alone. A few good friends did this with me. And with the help of Arbonne Essentials. Things I've taken out of my everyday diet are coffee and pop. I've cut down on dairy and gluten as well. I do occassionaly treat myself to a cup of coffee or a pop now and then, but on a regular basis it's water or my fizzy tabs. I love Arbonne Fizzy Tabs! Instead of coffee...it's a detox tea. I'm not a tea drinker but it's good for those times when you want something hot. Which with weather like this...that's not too often!

My days go something like this:
Wake up to have a protein shake.
Usually made in the blender with ice, water,
and some kind of fruit. Fresh or frozen.
Today was chocolate banana...YUM!

I try to have salad for lunch.
I like to add tuna or chicken.
Key word: try
What I don't do is stress or get over focused on that.
Today I had a sandwich and an egg roll (thanks to my friend, Lu)

Snacks: fruit and/or vegies, almonds and...
sometimes chocolate!
I also have my Arbonne Chocolate Chews
when I want to be good! :)

Dinner: well this is tough since we're on the run a lot.
Some days are better than others.
My kids love chicken and vegies so we have that quite a bit.
They like grilled chicken seasoned with Tastefully Simple's Seasoned Salt.
Easy and YUMMY!
We will then put vegies and potatoes in tin foil on the grill.

The biggest life change for me...exercise!

I love to work out! Seriously!

Once you get into the habit you get addicted.
I bum out when I can't go.

Lifetime Fitness has great classes.
I also have a great personal trainer.
Although I don't see him very often...but when I do...
he gets me back on track!

I haven't been to the gym since our vacation - bummer!
So...it's back at it for me tomorrow!
Then an afternoon at the pool with my kiddos.

I've lost about 20 pounds so far.
I gained about 4 pounds over vacation though. :(

I am going to start another 30 day fit challenge soon.
I've realized this is a process and it helps to have others
to help encourage and hold me accountable.
Plus...I love getting recipe ideas from others!

I loved the Arbonne products so much that I decided to become a consultant.
Not that I have time to actually "sell" them but I do like the discount!

Anyways...if you'd like to join me in the next 30 Days to Fit Challenge,
let me know. The more the merrier! There will be prizes along the way
and at the end for the biggest loser! :)

The last week I'm going to do an 7 Day Cleanse for anyone who would
like to do that. It's a gentle cleanse and you can do it once a month.

If you'd like more info, feel free to email me or leave your email and I'll get back to you!

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