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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Helping my friends bring their kids home

Hi all...

My good friends Randy & Marybeth Rolfe are adopting two beautiful children from Ethiopia. You can read their journey on their blog. It has been a long and difficult road. They had filled out their paperwork in the beginning to adopt 2 children. When they got their referal last September it was for a little girl. They've been through two adoption agencies since then as one of the agencies closed right before they were to go to court. God knew all along why things kept happening to the process. Their little girls brother was put up in the orphanage last month. Now they are adopting both of them. It's an amazing story!

The hard part has not only been the waiting, but going to Ethiopia in hopes of bringing them home and instead leaving without them mulitple times. The day is finally near where they can bring them hope. The financial strain of the cost of adoption and then flying back and forth mulitiple times has been challenging. They now need to raise about $4000 for airline tickets to go get them and bring them home.

There are a couple of ways to help. One is to donate to their chip in site. The other way is to bid on some items on FB. You can view the items on my profile page. I think you can view it if you click here. If you would like to donate something, just let me know.

I pray that God will touch the hearts of many through their story and that enough money will be raised to bring them home!

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