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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Long ago the Lord put the homeless on our hearts. They're not just statistics. They are people. Sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers. They are real live people. People that desire to be loved. They have hopes and dreams, longings and desires. Although some of them have lost hope. Many of them are in survival mode.

Many people choose to ignore them. They choose to "blame" them for their circumstances. The truth is that it doesn't matter how and why they got there. They are worthy of our love.

As I watched this video, I just became so thankful of those people who have served and those who continue to serve these people. Our brothers and sisters. They do so with love and respect. What you see in this video are the homeless being fed and clothed, yes. But what is really happening here is love. These people are being loved. They are building relationships and trust. For some...it's trust being restored that was broken. Broken in many different ways and some of them horrific! For some...it's love being restored or maybe even felt for the first time ever! It's quite amazing actually. So here's a little glimps into Breakthrough Ministries.

Not only are these people worthy of our love, Jesus calls us to love them. A while back I wrote a post on what I felt the Lord was revealing to me on this subject. It's entitled Sheep or Goat?

Well, that's a glimps into Breakthrough and into the lives and hearts of some pretty amazing people. I'm talking about BOTH the volunteers and those that call a shelter or a tent or a tarp or a piece of cardboard their home. I would encourage you to volunteer and open your heart to these amazing people. You can do so by signing up on Breakthrough's website if you're local in the Twin Cities. If not, I'm sure there's something in your state or area.

Lord, continue to break my heart for what breaks yours!

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