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Sunday, September 16, 2012

One Awesome Day!

Today the ladies and men split up and went to different churches. It was a beautiful day!
Here are the ladies all dressed up and ready to go.

After another "adventurous ride" through the city we arrived in a little alley in the backyard of a woman who has blessed the church with the use of her home. Worship had already started. It was beautiful and very moving. There was no band on stage, just a guy and his guitar with another fellow on drums. The room was filled with singing, dancing, and beautiful smiles.After worship we were greeted with beautiful flowers. We were also asked to introduce ourselves. I was so touched by their warm welcome and generous hearts. I know others were too. Christine U. shared God's Word from Ephesians 1-4. She did an amazing job! 

Paul shared at another church and they were blessed as well.

After church our entire team met up for lunch. Our team on the ground here has arranged for us to be treated like royalty. It's hard to get used to. Everyone is so kind and over-the-top accommodating! 

After lunch we took another adventurous trip. It always an adventure in India!
We had no idea where we were going. We were just told that a church would be putting on a dance show for us. When we arrived at the place, we were walked through an alley, into a building, and up some stairs. It was mainly us and then a few locals. 

Then...out came the kids:

They were so joyful and happy to be dancing for us.
You could also tell they were dancing for Jesus. 

I was brought to tears by their love and the power of Jesus.
They are brightly shining lights in a dark place.
These kids are from the slums but you would never know it by their faces. 
They melted our hearts and they were ministering to us. 

Another thing that struck me was the older women. 
Perfect voices they had not by some standards.
But that didn't stop them. 
They too sang and performed for us and the Lord.
They were signing for an audience of One.

What I've learned over the past 24 hours is that "Perfection" is my enemy!
It forces me to get caught up in doing instead of being.
It keeps me as a Martha, instead of a Mary.

These women and children had a glorious time performing for an audience of One.
Yes, we were there too....but they were signing and dancing for the Lord.

I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude for the Indian people.
They have such unending joy it seems.
They also know how to welcome guests!

We ended our night being reunited with Swati at dinner.
Please lift up our India hosts in prayer. 
Jon is suffering with significant pain from his neck and down his arm. 
We call upon Jehovah Rapha, our God who heals!

Tomorrow we will visit the places that the local group minister to.

Thanks for praying for us.

Christine Engman and The Team

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