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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drew's Stocking Stuff needed!

Every year my friend, Shannon, puts items together for Children's Hospital in St. Paul. This is where her two babies, Drew & McKenna, spent a great part of their short lives. Knowing what it is like for families to spend time at the hospital, especially over the holidays, has given her a heart to make their stay just a little brighter. I can't completely comprehend what she and others who spent weeks and months there are going through, and I especially can't imagine what it is like to go home without your babies. It breaks my heart. Shannon went through that with two beautiful babies. She has chosen to take their memory and help others. As hard as it has been for her to go back to that hospital, she does. She takes their wonderful memories and honors their short lives. Spending time in the hospital is no fun but being there over the holidays is extra difficult. This much I can tell you from my own experience.

When Mackenzie was 1 year old we spent the week of Christmas in the hospital. She had the flu which turned into pneumonia and she was one sick baby. We thought we would be there for just a day but that turned into two. And then they were certain we would be out before Christmas but she was still too sick to go home. Christmas morning came and Dave and I had both spent the night there on Christmas Eve. My oldest daughter was with her dad thankfully. Christmas morning, Dave came down with the flu and he had to leave and then spent the entire day at home in bed. There I sat with my sick little girl...alone. I remember how lonely it felt too. Later that night my mother and father-in-law came up to be with Mackenzie so that I could go to my parents for a little bit. It did feel good to get out and spend some time with Amanda that evening but then back up to the hospital I went. I've spent time at the hospital with my kids during other times of the year and it's not fun but it's just not the same as when it's over Christmas time.

The point of my post is to remind you that there are children and their families in the hospital over the holidays and it's a lonely place to be when so many others are at home with their families. So, if you feel led to help fill Drew's Stocking...here are the needs:
New books for kids (remember the older kids too)
77 Nice heavy fleece blankets
77 Gift Cards - $10 Target or Walmart gift cards

Shannon takes the gift cards and purchases toiletries, games, and other necessities. Each family gets a warm blanket and a gift bag to brighten their day. It makes a world of difference to them. Let me know if you'd like to help! I know two angels who are smiling down at their mama as she honors them with this project!

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