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Thursday, November 29, 2012


The "fun" continues in my world as the doctors tried to continue to rule out stuff to figure out what's wrong with me. You may remember this post in which I told about some of the stuff I was going through. Well, it's been over two months and it still continues, as does the testing. Since that post I've had an abdominal and pelvic CT Scan. Both of those were negative. Good sign!

Then it was on to having the endoscopy and colonoscopy. I had both of those done today. It is not what I was expecting. I really thought I would do it and they'd say we didn't find anything. Not to mention...several people telling me how it was no big deal and the prep was the worse part. Well, not the case for me. I had several areas biopsied from my colon (a polyp and random areas were taken to test for colitis), esophagus (what the dr thinks may be Barrett's esophagus was biopsied), and stomach (a few areas with erosion). I should have the results Thursday or Friday. I'm proclaiming that they are all normal and benign.

One thing that surprised me is that because they found a polyp in me, they now say that my children will need to have colonoscopies when they are 33 years old to check for polyps. Something for them to look forward to!

After the procedure was over the doctor called his office to have them schedule a couple other procedures. One will be a full celiac lab work up. Not sure what he saw that caused him to call that one in, but I really hope I don't have celiac's disease. Although after looking at the symptoms of that, I do have many of them. :( Really, I'm tired of feeling miserable and would just like to be healed! I continue to pray for that.

For now, I will have my Popsicle to sooth my very sore throat. And I will wait. And I will trust that no matter what...God is good.

In reading through scipture I came across this in Isaiah: Hezekiah was ill and he cried out to God. And God healed him. I know that God will heal me too. So, I proclaim this verse for me (although my hands or feet tapping will have to suffice as my instruments. :)
Isaiah 38:20 says—the Lord is ready to heal me!I will sing his praises with instruments every day of my life in the Temple of the Lord.

Ok, good night all! 

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