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Monday, November 5, 2012

What he said

Over the years I have had a few people ask why we have made the choices we make. Most of these questions come from people we love and care about. And I know that most of them love and care about us. Many of them are genuinely just curious. Many of them really have our best interest at heart. Some of them are really offering their opinion disguised as a question. ;) Some people have tried to point out how we don't truly understand the intent of the scriptures we have "based" our decisions on.

Don't get me wrong...for every one person that has "questioned" our decisions, there have been 10 that have supported us. That is why we have been able to continue doing what we do. We have an awesome God who loves us and He has surrounded us with great love! And don't get me wrong about some of the very people that have "questioned" us...because as I said many of them are people who love us and support us despite their lack of understanding. We really don't expect everyone to understand what we are doing. We do hope that they will trust that we love God and each other and our children and that we absolutely make our decisions with all that in mind. 

If you haven't read our testimony, you might not even know what in the world I'm talking about. Basically, I'm talking about our decision for Dave to start a non-profit called Breakthrough Ministries and focus full time on helping the homeless. This meant that he would no longer receive a traditional 9-5 type paycheck. We started Breakthrough with nothing. Well, nothing except God. It's been over three years. And while he still doesn't receive a traditional paycheck, God does supply us with our needs. It comes in ways we would never expect but it does come. 

Whenever I read about the life of a missionary, there comes a point in their story where I can identify with their life. Although Dave isn't traveling around the world, he is a local missionary. He raises support just like a missionary who is in India or any other country. It's just that his mission field is in St. Paul. It's where God has given him a heart and called him to. I guess you would've had to know Dave 10 years ago to realize that only God could change a man's heart the way He's changed Dave's. It's pretty awesome!

Dave and I watched this sermon by Francis Chan. He's an awesome preacher. Anyways...he gave a sermon that Dave could've written himself. In fact, you will find much of what he preached written in our blogs and on Breakthrough's website and blogs over the past few years. One in particular that I wrote about 2 years ago was Sheep or Goat. Sometimes it's nice to hear it out of someone else's mouth though. 

And with that I say..."what he said". That's what we're doing. We are just trying to live our lives in a way that honor's God. We're trying to fit into His Story. Not our story...but HIStory.

While I spend most of my time working and ministering at church and here in Lakeville (where I feel God wants me for now)...my heart is with my husband while he ministers where God has called him. And I pray for you...those reading this...that you would be stirred to act in whatever way God is calling you to.

As always...I love your comments and prayer requests. Please feel free to leave one.

With love, Chris

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