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Monday, November 5, 2012

Why are some people so mean?

Why is it that in many political posts I read, it seems to end in name calling? What does that prove? Do people think that calling people names is going to help their cause? Do they really believe that posting that way is going to convince anyone to vote their way?! I mean really? I am not talking about respectable debates or even ones that get a little "heated". I am talking about outright name calling. Outright mean, disrespectful name calling. It's as if when people run out of intelligent facts that they start the name calling. Or is it when they feel that the others aren't hearing them or maybe others are not understanding them? I don't really know. What I do know is that it doesn't work.

And then here's another question: Why do people allow others to insult others on their wall?  Day in and day out I read political posts and in the comments section, at some point the name calling starts. And it seems as though if said "name caller" believes what the original poster believes, in many cases they allow the name calling to continue. They read and watch their "friend" call their other "friend" nasty names. Or  maybe when it's not their friend but just a FB "acquaintance" that makes it ok for them. I don't understand. Why do people allow others to bully each other? They don't allow others to bully them, but they will stand by and watch someone with their same point of view name call others. It's disappointing. It really makes me sad.

Why does the internet seem to be a place where adults become bullies? It's not just on Facebook but everywhere! Why is it ok?

Do people realize that children are watching? Do they even care? We teach our children not to bully others. We teach our children to not allow others to bully each other. Well, at least I think we are teaching our children that. I mean...I guess I can't assume that all parents are teaching their children this. It's no wonder bullying is an epidemic. How do we expect our children to be respectful of others if the adults they are watching can't be respectful? Children are committing suicide because they are being bullied. There is something very wrong!  

I would hope that if you start a political post on your wall, that you would remove any comments in which someone calls another person names...no matter what their stance is. Because it's the right thing to do! Putting an end to bullying starts with you and me.

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