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Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 2 - Roseville

Thursday, February 7

We leisurely made our way to Roseville (a suburb of Sacramento).

It was a beautiful drive

Hey guys...Take note of this next paragraph. Ha, ha!

When we arrived in California, I told Dave I needed to find a Target to purchase some nail polish so I could paint my toes and wear my sandals. I thought he might be irritated for this silly stop. But instead he said "Honey, I think we should just find you a place to have a pedicure done. You deserve it!". What a sweetie! And when we got to the hotel, that was the first thing he asked the person at the desk. ;)
This was the most relaxing pedi I've ever had!

We were then blessed with a wonderful dinner by Rod and Connie Marquette. They are pastors of Destiny Church in Rochester, MN. 
We also met some new friends, Peter & Karen, who were also ordained.

Then it was off to a church called "The Family". They truly treat you like family visiting their home. There was such honor. I've never felt treated so special at a conference before. 

This was a prophetic picture done during the worship time

And he was in his glory too!

We heard from Pastor Shawn Boltz.
He was amazing!

We went back to our hotel room exhuasted...but in a very good way.
And we were excited for the next day.

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