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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Year of Cheer

Anyone who knows our family probably knows that Mackenzie was on the Apple Valley Varsity Competition Cheer Team this past year. They would know this because it's her OUR life. ;) It's pretty much year around. They just ended at the end of February. And normally they would do try outs in March and then start again in April with Open Gym practices. Except for this year there's a longer break because the coach is having a baby. Yeah for the girls!

I put together this video for her the banquet. Thought I'd share. *There are even a couple pics of Hailey (a future Apple Valley Cheerleader) and one of Mitchell. She's counting down the years. One year to go. :)

There are three teams on this video. Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity. You'll know by the sections on the video. For those looking for Mackenzie...she is on Varsity and in the performance pics where there is a pyramid or stunts happening, she is either the flyer (the one in the air) in the middle of the pyramid or the one on the right depending on the performance. That helps a ton huh? lol! *Here's one hint: at 9:27 in the video Mackenzie is the flyer on the right doing a 360 Basket. Here's a little cheer info: a 360 basket is where they throw them in the air and the flyer does a 360 rotation. I was told that Mackenzie gets great height in the air because she "rides" it. I had to ask what that means. lol! It means she waits until she's at full height before she "pulls" the trick. :) Don't you feel smarter now?! ha, ha!

I think it's amazing that these girls throw girls in the air and catch them. It takes great strength, concentration, and trust to perform these stunts. I admire the hard work of the bases and back spots and the trust for those being thrown in the air. I truly mean it when I say I trust these girls with my daughter's life.

Kenzie...I'm so proud of you! You are an amazing cheerleader and quite the flyer! It's been fun to watch you grow in your ability and your confidence. Also, not once did I ever hear you complain about a practice, fundraising, or any performances. Your commitment shows and will be valuable as you get older. I hope that you hold these memories close to your heart. I know I will. I love you! And I have come to love these girls and their parents. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with me lovie.

Congratulations on a great year!

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