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Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

I love this holiday!
There are several reasons but one is that it's a time to celebrate our wonderful country with family and friends. I love the hot weather, parades, barbecues, and of course...fireworks! This is the first time I've spent it with Mitchell in quite some time. He is usually at grandma and grandpa's cabin. Dave and I stay back because Mackenzie and/or Hailey have been in the parade.
Last year Mackenzie was recovering from mono and couldn't be in the parade. Hailey was in it with the girls scouts. This year Hailey and Mackenzie were in it together with the Apple Valley High School Cheer Team.

 Kenzie (Hailey is on her left in the white looking ahead)

 Dave and Mitchell...the water "boys" :)

Watching the parade after walking it
(Being at the beginning has its perks)
Pool fun
We had a great time at a barbecue/pool party with our friend's Leslie & Andy and others.
We watched fireworks with my mom in Apple Valley.
Mitchell bought some fireworks and we ended the night watching his display!
It was a bitter-sweet day for Mitchell...he LOVES to be at the cabin. That's where his heart is. Since  Grandpa U is still recovering from his heart transplant, we stayed home. Mitchell is eagerily awaiting the day we get to go up to his home away from home. :)
I'm thankful for the gift of my family.
I'm thankful for friends.
I'm thankful for this country!
God bless America and all of you!!

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