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Thursday, August 28, 2014

I miss you

I sure miss this blog. I miss writing. It's always been an outlet for me. A place to get my thoughts out. A place to share my heart. A place to share God's faithfulness. I remember the day I started my blog. It was because I felt the Lord wanted me to share all of the things He was doing in our lives. I had been journaling for a while before I actually started this blog and it felt like it was stuff that was just too good to keep to myself. It's fun to go back and read My Testimony. Those were some trying days, months, years in our life. At times I thought they were "the worst" ever. Little did I know what was up ahead.

I still have posts that I've written but never actually posted. Stuff that's so personal I don't know if I should share it here, where everyone and anyone can read it. The main reason is because it's not just about me but it's personal for my children, my husband, or others in our family. It's their story too. So I will wait to see if one day (with their permission) I share those very personal posts. 

Why do I or why would I share personal posts? Because I know that when I read something that someone else is going through (whether it's a story in the Bible or a story from a friend) and I can see hope, it encourages me. To know that you are not alone brings comfort. To know that others are praying for you brings peace. Yes, I certainly pray for myself and others...all day long. But sometimes having others praying for me gives me more strength. And sometimes when I don't even know how to pray, others can stand in the gap and pray for me...on my behalf. I share because the Lord tells us to testify of His goodness. Not for myself but for His glory! So that long after I'm gone others will know what He did in my life. That others will remember.

Earlier this year at our team prayer meeting we had to share one word from the Lord. It was our word for the year. My word was GLORY. I realize that word wasn't just "for" me. It was for Him. Others will see God's glory when I share what He does. There would be no need for God's glory if all was well all the time. According to Dan Schaeffer, To “give glory to God” means to live and speak sincerely and from the heart about His amazing nature or deeds—in such a way that we seek to do justice to the reality of who He is. It’s what He deserves in all things, at all times. 

I miss you blog. And for those of you who continue to check often for posts, thanks. Every time I get a summary of weekly visits, I'm amazed that there are some who still visit. I hope that you can be encouraged by our story even if it's not the most recent. As our story continues to unfold, as part of HIS story, I pray that you would see God's glory in all that I say and do.

Psalm 1:8 Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens.

May you see His glory,

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