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Saturday, November 29, 2008

FFF - Thankfulness

The Favorite Foto theme today is Thankfulness. Well, I have so many things to be thankful for. I'm so thankful for the friend I have in Jesus! He is most amazing.

I asked my children what they're thankful for, here are their answers:

Mom: "Hailey, what are you thankful for?"

Hailey: "Ummm...you, my daddy and my dog (who was begging from her at that very moment)"

Mom: "Oh, that's so nice honey"

Hailey: "Wait! And my brother and my sisters and my mommy and my daddy"

I'm so thankful for Hailey. Our blessing from the Lord. I can't imagine my life without this sweet ray of sunshine. She is sharp and full of spirit. Hailey is very shy until she really gets to know someone. It takes a long time to win her over. She is cautious and reserved. But when she does get to know you, her heart shines through. She is also my little helper and almost always does things the first time she's told. I love you bean!


Mom: "Mitchell, can you tell me what you're thankful for?"

Mitch: "God"

Mom: "How come?"

Mitch: "Because He died for or sins." (Oh my...does that melt my heart :)

Mitchell, my only son. A little mini replica of his father. Mitchell is a kind, loving, respectful boy. His teachers adore him as do I. Mitchell is a little more on the shy side until he gets to know you. He is very observant and notices things that most people overlook. He also has a memory like an elephant. (whatever that means. ;) Seriously. Mitchell loves to learn and he loves to write. He's a little sponge and reminds me of his big sister, Amanda. There are many nights that I catch him reading long after bedtime. Mitchell, I just love you so!


Mom: "Mackenzie, what are you thankful for?"

Kenzie: "God."

Mom: "Why?"

Kenzie: "He made me and everything else."

Mom: "Anything else?"

Kenzie: "Yes, houses. Because they keep us from freezing. And food because we don't starve."

Mackenzie is outgoing, funny, and a social butterfly. She makes friends quicker than anyone I know. She is a little fashion bug who loves to shop and shop and shop! Mackenzie is also a little mother hen. She loves taking care of babies and doesn't fear even the smelliest of diapers. Yikes! I see many kids in her life one day. Hopefully not for another 20 years or so. :) Mackenzie is kind and has a true servants heart. I love you lovie!


Mom: "Amanda, what are you thankful for?"

Amanda: "Neighbors that don't protect their internet. I don't know"

Mom: "What else?:

Amanda: "I don't know, the normal stuff. Friends, Family, Food."

I'm thankful for my daughter, Amanda, who helped me get this playlist on my blog. :) Who by the way, scared the living daylights out of me tonight. You see, Amanda doesn't live at home and I heard a noise thinking it was one of the kids out of bed. Well, when I walked out of my bedroom and saw a tall person standing inside the door, in the dark, I screamed! Of course, my hubby then jumped out of bed! And I think I even scared the dog! Well, at least I know I'll scream! In my dreams, I can never scream. Amanda, my first born, is extremely intelligent and has the world at her fingertips. I pray that you find what you were created to do and have a joy-filled life. I love you sweetie!

David, I am so thankful that God gave you to me. He really knew what He was doing when He put us together. I can't imagine my life without you. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you with all my heart and I most definately love you way more!

Sorry that I have no pictures. At the end of the evening I realized I forgot to get my camera out. I can't believe it! And here I had planned on taking all these good pictures of everyone. Well, there's always Christmas right?

A question: What are you favorite Christmas traditions? Please leave a comment.

Bless you!

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