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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Today is my daughter Amanda's 19th Birthday! I can't believe it. Where does 19 years go? It seems as though she was just running around in diapers. Now she's an adult out in the world on her own. I remember being her age. I remember the freedom, but I also remember when I had to buy my own toothpaste, shampoo, etc. I remember thinking...this stuff costs money? ha, ha!

As I reflect on the years of Amanda's life, I think of all the milestones. When she first crawled, stood up, walked. I'll never forget when she took those first steps towards me. Wow! So many firsts! I think of the time that she was in 3rd grade and she through a ball all the way from left field to 1st base. And the wows from the stands and the looks on everyone's faces. :) She was and still is an amazing softball player. Then there are memories like the year that she sold 500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies! yeah! Or not! It was super fun selling them, but not so fun delivering and collecting the money for all of them. Geesh! Then there were dance recitals and cheerleading recitals. I always loved that. Too bad I don't have a scanner because I have some really cute pics of those times back then!

Now that Amanda is an adult and I've done all that I can do from a "parenting" stand point. Well, not that I've done ALL that I can do. What I mean is that now that she's an adult, she gets to do whatever she wants. ;) Yikes! Scary! Actually, not really. Not as bad as I thought it would be. I suppose I could walk in fear of all the "what if's". But really, what's the point.

So, now I pray for Amanda. I pray that she is happy and that she walks with the Lord. I pray that whomever she marries will love her unconditionally and treat her like the beautiful princess she is. I pray that she will be secure in who she is and what she does. I pray that she will follow her heart and her dreams. I pray that she will always know where her home is and that she is always welcome to come back home. I pray that she knows how much she's loved, not just by her family but by God. That He loves her unconditionally! That He has plans for her. I pray that when she makes mistakes, she learns from them and uses them to build upon. Of course I also pray for her safety.

Now, I watch. I watch as she continues to grow and mature before my eyes. I watch her when she looks at Josh and I watch the way they interact. I pray that he treats her right all the time! :)

Happy Birthday Amanda! I love you!

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