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Friday, April 3, 2009

I need your ideas!

I'm going to be starting a mom's group at church this fall. IF YOU were to attend a mom's group, what would it look like to you? Give me your ideas please! Or maybe you already attend a mom's group or something like it, what do you do? Here's what I'm thinking if you need something to go on...
  • Speakers (what topics would you like to hear about?)
  • Studies/Books/Discussions (parenting, relationships, fiction, etc...your ideas please)
  • Have food or not? (Dumb question! ha!)
  • Crafts?
  • Other ideas...

What would it take to make you WANT to come?

Thanks so much! This will be a blessing to so many!



  1. I have been waiting to hear something about this. I'm so excited that H! is starting something up again. I love speakers. I'll take all the help I can get when it comes to parenting. Discipline and nutrition are two biggies for me. Maybe it's just me but I hate having food. More like I hate bringing it. It is just some much work in the morning when you are trying to get kids out the door. I can't wait to hear what you come up with.

  2. Teen parenting and tips for bringing us up to speed with their world.

    Money-saving tips (where to go for online coupons, wise shopping ideas, meal-planning, etc.)

    Knitting instruction. I would love to learn how and know MANY other moms who would as well.

    Organizing tips.

    Marriage. How can I be the wife that God intended me to be? Tips for weathering storms and cherishing the differences.

    Just for the record, I love the food part :-)

  3. Hi Chris- Thank you for bringing back some type of moms group through Hosanna! Some of the things I loved when attending MOPS or other mom-centered meetings was TIME, real time, to develop relationships with other moms. I believe a facilitator is necessary to keep conversations going, to remain positive and/or to be available if a mom needs outside or additional help and they could point them in the right direction. It seemed to me, MOPS was at time too busy and it squashed the beginning of what may have been deep, insightful, or enjoyable conversation between women (without being interrupted by little ones). Not to say getting together and hen clucking is ALL that should be done, just more opportunities. Perhaps once a month no major things planned except getting closer with each other (and the Lord)? You could also tie this in with some kind of "mom uninterrupted" time/meetings, where moms could work on scrapbooking, knitting, making cards, getting caught up on something while visiting with other moms. Not a requirement in bringing a craft, etc., but an opportunity if one wanted. It seems moms often feel "guilty" and stuff when they try to do things like this because there is often so many other things "needing" to be done around the house.

    I think it would also be neat if moms that wanted to participate would bring a frozen meal or two to exchange with other moms- recipes attached. 1) It opens the door to new recipes; 2) A frozen meal would be ready in the freezer for a mom that had sick kids or a frazzled day; and 3) It allows a mom to "bulk buy" and prepare one big meal (hence, messing up the kitchen only once) and benefiting with another one or two different meals to feed her family (cost effective and messy-controlled :-).

    Speakers that infuse humor to address topics that moms often feel guilty about. Parenting, spousal relationships, going back to work/vs. staying home, etc. It was always nice to be reminded we all mess up...

    Good luck, I hope some of these ideas help. Love to you...Kathy Bunkers


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