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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She Speaks

Do I have something to tell you about!!!
Do you have visions of speaking in front of hundreds or perhaps thousands of people? Or is it in a small intimate setting of a bible study or retreat? Have you ever thought about writing a book, but not sure where or how to get started? Or do you just want to give your blog a pizazz and inspire others? Are you a Women's Ministry Leader or do you have the desire to start one? If any of these have raised your eyebrow, do I have the conference for you!!!

Whether you choose the Speaking track where you will leave equipped with many tools to speak with confidence, or the Writing track where you will meet some of the top Christian publishers and widely read bloggers, or the Leadership Track where you will leave filled and encouraged, this conference is sure to be amazing!

I would love to go to this conference for ALL THREE TRACKS! Oh how to choose which one! There are so many reasons I desire to attend this conference. I guess I'll let God help me decide which one He wants me to attend. Well, most of you know our story. It's actually one of the reasons I started this blog. I wanted to make sure that we used all the things God did for us to help others. I love to write and to speak. The thing is...I've never really considered myself a "great" writer or speaker. But I do want to touch lives. In addition to this, as the NEW Women's Coordinator, I'm going to be starting a new mom's group at our church next fall. Well, part of my vision for this mom's group is to have FREE or very low cost speakers come in. I know God is going to equip me to be one of those speakers, is this how? If I'm going to reach the masses either by speaking, through my blog or leading women, I need to be equipped and filled!

Ok, so here's something very ironic! Since my husband and I started on this new road, a road of obedience regarding our finances, our lives have changed in a huge way. We've come from living a life based on money to a life of humility. It has not been easy but God has always blessed us for our obedience. Now, this is what I've been trying to share. It was my first speaking topic, ok only speaking topic...so far. It was at one of our women's bible studies at church and in front of about 50 ladies. I want to continue sharing this and all that God puts on my heart and I want to share it with everyone I can. Why do I tell you all of this? As much as I would LOVE to go to this conference there's one small challenge...MONEY! Since we are being obedient and we have a pretty firm spending plan in place while we become debt free, there's no budget for this conference. That is why I am entering this contest to win a scholarship! How ironic is that? I want to go to this conference so that I can learn how to write and speak about God's amazing blessings, especially when we're obedient. But because I'm being obedient, I don't have the money to go to this conference. YET! I actually think it's not at all ironic, it's actually quite funny and it's merely God! I will turn this over to the Lord as I have everything else that has to do with my finances. I will continue to trust in Him! Will you?

Psalm 31:14 But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, "You are my God."

Please continue to pray for Stellan!

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  1. I've read through your testimony and was so blessed by it! My husband and I have been going through the same kind of loving discipline of our Father when it comes to our money and it is so neat to see what can happen with obedience!

    Praying for your dream and wishing you luck in the contest!


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