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Thursday, June 10, 2010

One of these days...

I will get my pictures posted, catch up on all the posts floating around in my head, finish reading all the books I've started, get caught up on my scrapbooks (before my kids need therapy), get my garden weeded, and have every stitch of laundry washed! Do you have a list like that? Some days I feel like I will never be caught up. Meanwhile, I will enjoy the time we're spending together as a family. We had a lot of fun at the cabin a couple of weeks ago and not only did all my kids go but so did my niece. I'm also busy trying to get all my loose ends tied up at work before I take a short leave of absence. I did get my surgery schedule for June 30. So...I will have much of July to get caught up on my posts and pictures and stuff like that!

I have also found a new passion for working out! I'm really loving it! My personal trainer has been awesome. He doesn't have much sympathy...which I guess is a good thing. I feel great though. I'm looking forward to nice warm weather so my kids can enjoy the outdoor pool at one of the clubs. And I'm trying really hard to lose 20 pounds by the end of June. I had a little glitch this past week and did a bit too much cleaning, mainly mopping my hardwood floors did my back in. I've been in too much pain to work out the past few days and THAT is a huge bummer. I'm feeling a little better today and we'll see what the day brings. I have an appointment with my p.t. tomorrow and hopefully he's nice to me! ;) 

It's also my son's birthday tomorrow! We're going to have an awesome weekend! I hope you all do too. :)

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