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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lions and Tigers and (Gorillas)! Oh My!

On probably the hottest day of the year,
I thought it would be a fabulous idea to go to the Como Zoo!

While waiting for Sparky the Seal to perform
(which never happened)
The kids wanted to get an icee

My boy


Perfect day for a nap in the shade


Our youngest two

I really got a kick out of this gorilla

This is right before he decided to turn his back on us.
Look at his eyes.

Looks like a little old man!

The middle monkey kept putting it's arms out for them to clean.

Kicking back

Bumper cars!

The dragon!

Driving school

I always loved the swings!

A couple of firefighters

The best part of the day was....

Getting soaked!!

Dripping wet kind of soaked

Now he's dry...

Now he's not! ha, ha!

More water

I love the look on Hailey's face

Daddy had to coax them to get their arms in the air!

Not a bad shot since they were cruising by.

What a great day!

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