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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching up

There's just so much going on in our lives right now I haven't had much time to blog. A quick update.

We found a house. We move at the end of February. I'm actually getting a little excited. I did say "a little". I'm not excited about packing or moving. But I did see some trampolines and play structures in the backyards of some of the houses. I'm praying that means KIDS!

The hubs is recovering nicely from his hernia surgery he had last Thursday. Everything went great and as long as he behaves...he'll be just fine. :)

My mother-in-law continues to heal from her surgery and we await the next phase in her journey to fight this cancer. We've been able to spend lots of quality time with her and my father-in-law. It's been really nice. A pic of me and my MIL:

My friend Kristie's benefit is just 5 days away! I can't believe it. Everyone has been working so hard to make this a special day. If you live in the Twin Cities area and you're not doing anything on Sunday, it's going to be a fun day! :) Here's a picture: Me, Kristie, Wendy

I'm over winter!

Thinking how nice it would be to go visit friends or family in a warm state. Hmmm...California, Texas, Florida, Arkansas...where oh where? By the time I have time to go somewhere it'll be warm out! ha, ha! Oh well.

It's been 8 years since I started selling Tastefully Simple. Wow!

Less than 6 weeks until I need to be finished with my first Developement Plan for Potter's Wheel. Yikes!

Work is great! I have a hard time even calling it work sometimes because I love my job. :) I work with an amazing staff.

I'm off to the next activity with my kiddos. My next update will be about them. :)

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