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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Growing like weeds

My children are growing up so fast. I can hardly believe it!

My oldest is going to be 21 soon. Oh man do I feel old! She is quite the beautiful young woman. She loves photography and is just so talented in many ways. I love when she comes to visit and I get to spend time with her. Drive time is the best undivided attention ever.

Our teenager is busy with competition cheer and tumbling class. I just registered her for high school classes and I can't believe she'll start that next phase of her life so soon. She's full of energy and ALL teenager! She absolutely loves children and loves to babysit.  

Our son is having fun in gymnastics and cub scouts. He is about to advance ranks next month. He will be in his final year of Webelos before moving on to Boy Scouts. He looks forward to camping and doing all the outdoor stuff. He is the sweetest boy ever and I never want him to grow up. :)  

And our baby is no longer a baby. The first thing out of her mouth when she gets home from school is: "Mom, can I play with someone?" She is our social butterfly. She's busy with basketball and girl scouts. I was going to post a video but it won't upload. Bummer. :(  She's quite the defensive player and sticks to her girl like glue!

Oh...I can't forget about my hubby. He's my rock on top of the foundation of our Lord.
He's a great dad and I am blessed to call him my husband.
Yes indeed, our lives are full.
We are blessed! 

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  1. The family is beautiful! The kids are agrowing up so fast! Please tell Mary that I am praying for her and her recovery. Sorry that I can't leave my name..... maybe another time!


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