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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Transforming my mind

Lately, my mind is racing. There is so much to do! I can't even figure out where to start. Let's see, if I were to write it all down here's what my weekly "To Do" list might look like:
  • Go to Work
  • start packing
  • help kids with homework
  • clean
  • Get kids ready for school on Monday
  • Do some laundry
  • Read from Art & Craft of Biblical Teaching for my Potter's Wheel (PW) Course
  • Work on Compare and Contrast paper for above book
  • Go to Work from 11 am - 10 pm
  • Have husband drive 2 kids to various activities and pick up kids from activities 
  • Have husband make dinner
  • Remind husband to help kids with homework :)
  • Start reading Supernatural Power of a transformed mind for Potter's Wheel course
  • Go to Work 
  • Have husband wait for carpet guys to come and clean flooded basement carpet
  • Go to hospital to be with mother-in-law for surgery
  • Attempt to save some items from flooded basement - will have to wait for another day
  • Drive 3 kids to various activities and pick them up on Tuesday
  • Arrange for another parent to pick up and take my daughter home from practice
  • Arrange for 2 younger children to go to friend's house after school
  • Look for a new place to live (maybe that should be first, before packing?) - No time today, will have to wait until tomorrow.
  • Pick up kids
  • Hurry kids to bed
  • Kids get out of bed to do homework
  • Read PW book
  • Do my physical therapy exercises that I didn't do yesterday.
  • Get kids off to school
  • Do laundry that's calling my name
  • Invite people to Kristie's benefit (ohhh...write a post about Kristie and her benefit)
  • Work from 12:00 - 9:00 pm
  • Have husband drive 3 kids to church 
  • Have husband take 2 kids home while I wait for 3rd child to be done
  • Attempt to do some laundry upon arrival - note to self - show child how to do her laundry again
  • Read whatever book (of the two) is closest to the place where I land before I fall asleep
  • Go to work
  • Watch Christian History DVD for PW
  • Write a paper after watching Christian History DVD
  • Drive one child to practice and pick up said child from practice
  • I suppose I should do some laundry
  • Probably should help kids with their homework 
  • Pack away Christmas decorations.
  • Find a new big box for tree since our box was ruined in the flooded basement.
  • Skip most of the items listed for today due to random date night thanks to certain friends who invited us to our first Timberwolves game - in a suite! Sweet!
  • Consider cancelling date night due to long lists of things to do. 
  • Scratch off the line above - we need it! :) 
  • Arrange for babysitter for previously mentioned kids - thanks mom! :)
  • Make a new to-do list for tomorrow
  • Find a new place to live - time is ticking girl!
  • Pack more boxes
  • Since I know "me" so well - better get cracking on packing up those Christmas decorations!
  • Oh ya...I still need to find a BIG box for that Christmas Tree
  • Laundry - it's piling up you know....
  • Clean - that's C....L.....E.....A.....N (not "think about clean" but actually clean)
  • Did you feed your family this week?
  • Drive child to newly scheduled mandatory practice
  • Pick up above mentioned child from said practice
  • Watch Christian History DVD
  • Write that paper
  • Pack more boxes
  • Play with your children
  • Write that blog post about Kristie
  • Work for a few hours
  • Physical therapy exercises
  • Re-wind list to make sure to spend time with God at the beginning of the day
  • Make up a whole new list for tomorrow
  • Wake up bright and early to feed and get child to bus for her competition
  • Attempt to make a good breakfast for other family
  • Go to teenage daughter's cheer competition
  • Go to youngest child's basketball game
  • Figure out a way to be two places at one time
  • Pack
  • Finish going through flooded basement articles...throw out said articles
  • Finish reading Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind
  • Write paper for above mentioned book
  • Definately find a place to live! Time is ticking!!!
  • Prepare for hubby's surgery the following week.
  • Catch my breath and remember that God is in control!
Ok...so this is a portion of a glimps into my life this week. Funny...maybe I should actually print this out and then not have to worry about writing my "to-do" list. The things that are not written in there are the daily thoughts of all this stuff and how will I ever get it done. We will be moving at the end of February. Not something we really wanted to do, but unfortunately it's where we're at. (or not) We had hoped to be able to buy this house but it just will not work due to the market situation. The family is actually going to move back into the house until they can hopefully sell it down the road. I fully trust where the Lord is leading us. We agreed that during this journey we would follow Him, wherever He takes us. That hasn't changed.

This appears to be yet another chapter in our testimony. This chapter is going to be a little tougher since my mother-in-law is now battling breast cancer. But we know that God will take what satan intends for evil and He will use it for good. We might not see all of it now, but we will. We have a different way of seeing things now. We are more focused on our family. We are spending even more time with our family. We have more opportunities to show our love for our parents, especially Mary right now. Where we live doesn't really matter to me. What matters to me is that my heart is in the right place. What matters to me is that my mind is on what really matters. All of the stuff I listed above is just stuff. Things to do. If I skip some, I skip some. If I don't get my papers written on time, then they will be late. Not that I am trying to do that (just in case certain PW Mentors are reading this) but if it should happen, it really won't matter when I get to heaven. Jesus is not going to reprimand me for turning in late assignments. What I think He will be more concerned with is how I loved. How did I share His love with others. So, while I go on with my daily living, I am transforming my mind. I am trying to not get weighed down or stressed out about all the "stuff" I have to do.

I pray that your mind is transformed as well. Thinking of things from God's perspective. As it is in Heaven.


  1. Someone told me once that "The Lord will give you the time you need to do the things He wants you to do." I love that quote - basically I can have peace doing those things, and usually He even blesses me with a little extra time for my own pleasure.
    Hope that encourages you today too!

  2. Thanks for sharing where God has you. Praying you that God give you the grace to persevere.


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