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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Eye of the Storm

This post was written on March 16. I didn't post it because we hadn't shared this with our children at the time. Then I forgot about it. I wanted to make sure to post it though.

As I sit here trying to get the words out of my head and in to my journal...it's hard. I've been struggling to find the time to journal lately. This blog is my journal...a public journal at that. But years ago I made a promise to God. I promised that I would share His goodness and His glory. Dave and I have been on quite a journey for the past few years. We continually turn to the Lord for guidance, wisdom, and provision.

A month ago we were sailing along on what we thought was a bright sunny day and in an instant the clouds rolled in and a storm started brewing. I blogged about it here. We thought the storm would last for a while but just as quickly as it came...it left and I blogged about that and told how our son's prayers were answered.

Well...it seems as though it was the eye of storm and not the end of the storm. As it turns out, the house will be put on the market and we will be moving after all. This is not what we planned and not something we want to do. As I sit here typing this I'm thinking about the conversation we will have with our children tonight. We haven't told them yet. How do we tell our son? He was so excited and so thankful to God for answering his prayers. I pray that he will understand that God still does answer his prayers and that it's likely that God sees something we don't and He is protecting us or He simply has something better for us.

And so...I share this journey. And I ask for your prayers as we share with our kids and as we look for our next home. Home is where your heart is. And this is our adventure!

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