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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prayer request for our son

I have a prayer request. Our son has a history or respiratory infections. For the past five months he's had a cough along with a bout of Croup and then Walking Pneumonia. On Sunday I started noticing shortness of breath. I had already decided that I needed to get him in for further testing and that just confirmed that. He was diagnosed with Chronic Asthma. We also had him tested for allergies. So we went home with an "Asthma Plan". Along with that we would have two new medications to our "home pharmacy".

I really felt like this was not a big deal. I was relieved that it wasn't something worse. One of our girls had asthma as a baby and she grew out of it. So I guess I figured this wasn't much different.

Two days later our son was getting worse. Now he was having difficulty catching his breath after any activity or even trying to sing in his school concert. He also had little to no energy. I called the Dr and asked if she thought we should do a chest x-ray to make sure he didn't still have pneumonia and she said unlikely but let's be safe. The x-ray was clear! :) The bad news was that he wheezing had gotten much worse. We also got the allergy results back and he does have a mild allergy to outdoor molds. With all the rain...this has not helped. The great news is that he's not allergic to anything else...not even cockroaches! lol! They seriously test for cockroach allergies...I found that pretty funny! I told the dr that I'm certain my eyes are allergic to "seeing" cockroaches! Yuck! Anyways...back to the asthma. It's gotten worse. Now we add an oral steroid to the arsenal and increase one of the inhaler uses. We'll also continue to take allergy meds to help with the mold.

I was so thankful that baseball was cancelled tonight because the dr said that there is no way he could play tonight. She said he would surely have a full blown asthma attack with his current state and all the rain. I think that's when reality set in.

I asked the doctor if he will outgrow this and she said "not likely". We will treat it and get it under control so it is more manageable. This is where my BIG Physician comes in. I know that HE can heal this! He is Jehovah Rapha...the God who heals. While I am taking this more seriously and trying to teach my son what it means to have asthma and when to know that it's time to get help, I am also praying. I would love your prayers as well!

Acts 4:30 Stretch out your hand with healing power; may miraculous signs and wonders be done through the name of your holy servant Jesus.”

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