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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July starts out with a(nother) bang!

Well, we are all moved in to our new home. We are buried in boxes and exhausted. On the good side...we had a very successful garage sale. Yes, despite everything we had going on, thanks to a lot of help, we eeked out a 3-day sale! We got most of our stuff moved on Friday, June 29 thanks to family and great friends! I was even blessed to be able to meet some amazing people that have been a part of Breakthrough, whom I've never met until they were helping us move. Then on Saturday, a sweet friend came and helped us clean the old house, and my mom showed up that evening to help finish it off. So...about the bang.

Sunday, July 1 we are trying to unpack while the kids are enjoying the park across the street from us. All of a sudden the kids come running into the house and Hailey is crying and the other kids are screaming. They were playing a game of tag where the person who was it had to close their eyes. Hailey was it. Apparently her arms got tired and she put them down. It was then that she ran into a pole. Subsequently, we found out she broke her nose. The pediatrician referred her to an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. We went in on Friday, July 6 and surgery was scheduled for Monday, July 9. 

The look on our pediatrician's face when she opened the door to walk in to do Hailey's pre-op visit was priceless. She's been there through every step with us. And there have been a LOT of visits over the past 6 or 7 weeks. This visit is just the topping on the cake or maybe it would be considered a 3rd or 4th topping. I don't know. There are visits I haven't been able to blog about or rather I haven't been able to post. Hopefully someday I can. 

One thing I am truly grateful for is Children's Hospital. Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul hospitals. Here is Hailey with the Child Life Specialist prior to her surgery. She was absolutely WONDERFUL! Our Hailey is a tough cookie to crack and this gal had her actually smiling and even laughing.

Here she is doing some arts and crafts.

Hailey was so calm going into surgery. They even let me go into the operating room with her. I got to stand beside her and wait for her to fall asleep. The doctor even came up behind me and put his arm around me to ask how I was doing. And then he whispered "How did Dad get out of this?". It made me laugh and kept me from crying. ;) They even took the time to play with her bunny and get one last smile out of her. As she fell asleep I got to stroke her cheek and hold her hand. And then once she was asleep I got to slip off my mask and kiss her forehead. And then the doctor walked me to her room. 

This was my very sleepy girl after surgery.
She wanted me to take her picture so that she could see what she looked like.
Although she was tired, she didn't have any pain at this point.
She wasn't talking either. 
She just wanted to go home and so home we went.

After a good long nights rest...it was a whole new day!
This is our girl playing doctor with all the stuff the hospital gave her.
Kenzie and her friend were the willing patients. :)
Oh how nice to see that smile!

That is how our July started out!

There has yet to be a lull in the action for us since summer started 
but I'm hoping that will be changing soon! 

In all things...I trust that God loves us and has the best in store for us!

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  1. I'm glad to hear that her procedure went smoothly and that all is well. :-)

    Many blessings,


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