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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dirty and Beauty

Two things about India...Dirty and Beautiful.

Some parts are absolutely filthy. Garbage everywhere!
It lines the streets and curbs.
They need street sweepers...

Everything looks so run-down

Those little tin shacks...yes...those are homes and little businesses.
And that is garbage on the roofs.

I know this picture is a little blurry but you get the "picture"

These are more homes...sorry they're not in focus...

Then there are beautiful country-sides

And you'll pass beautiful gardens with lush green grass, trees, and flowers
(Just so you know...we never just went sight-seeing and there were never any photo stops...so we were usually trying to take pictures out of the bus window as we sped on by!)

And when we arrived at a business center...this was the view

Once the fog lifted...it was even more gorgeous!
Beautiful waterfalls

Breathtaking views

And for someone who's afraid of heights...
...a little extra security. :)

It was such an amazing trip in so many ways.
For some reason...
the beautiful scenery was not something I expected.
So, it was a real blessing for me. 

Reminded me of Hawaii.

I'm always amazed at God's beauty!

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