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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Prophetic words from Dave

Because I don't want to post 5 things in one day...I'm writting these and posting them on different days. Pay attention to when these are written as it matters to the sequence of events.

Written Sunday, February 2, 2013
For those that know what's going on in our lives right now...this is one of those "Holy Bumps" moments! If you don't know, click here. The short story is that Wednesday, January 30, Dave's mom went into the ER and doctors found a tumor in her brain. We were all completely SHOCKED! Since being healed of breast cancer in 2011 she has been great!

Well, last night (Saturday, February 2) was a tough night, particulary for Dave. He was so worried and fearful of the unknown. He began acting in a way that I haven't seen in a long time. He was angry and really filled with a lot of doom and gloom. I know that this is largely due to the emotionally draining few days we've all had. 

Today, I woke up and was working on some personal stuff. One was to update and post a link for serving on Sundays to the Breakthrough Facebook page. After I did that, I saw this post written by John. Note the date it was written: Monday, January 28. BEFORE we found out anything was wrong with Dave's mom. Also, I had no idea Dave talked about testimonies. (Something I wrote about Sunday morning in my blog post). As soon as I read this I called Dave and read it to him. His very own words...were what he needed to hear today!  

Sundays at Breakthrough Church are becoming smoother and routine. Yesterday (1/27) Pastor Dave gave us part one of two messages about family. He began by communicating how doubt and fear, two things that can control our life, are rooted in pride. We believe the lie that God is somehow not big enough, powerful enough for us to rely on and trust. We put our faith in our own emotions instead of his truth. Pride won't move a mountain Pastor Dave said as in Matthew 21 but faith will. Pastor Dave prayed over us a prayer that has become part of every service. In it he "Declares breakthrough over all diseases, over anything/everything that stands in the way of healing and peace."

Our circumstance(s) do not define who we are. An example is, "I am not a homeless man but a man who happens to be homeless." We are Children of God. 

What do you think of that?! Is that incredible or what? I think that the Lord is now asking Dave (US) this..."Now that you've spoken this, will you live it?" It's one thing to speak this and it's an entirely different thing to live it! Last night Dave was being controlled by doubt and fear. He was doubting whether God can heal his mom or not. He was living out of his emotions instead of living out his faith. Part of it was what he can do. He can't personally heal his mom. "Dave" can't personally move this mountain in front of us. But God can! Our faith can. And while I'm specifically talking about Dave here, it applies to myself too. There are moments when fear and doubt creep in. All we can do is hope that it's at different times so that one of us can always remind each other of the truths. That is what we, as Christians, need to do. We need to be constantly testifying to what God can do. We need to stand in the gap and intercede on behalf of our brothers and sisters, when they can't. We need to rely on the Holy Spirit to help us through these times. 

Because I said I would continue to share testimonies...here was more of the post that John wrote: 

Breakthrough Church is a family of men and women who choose to come together in the Name of God to worship, pray, praise and know each other. There is a presence of family in our church and it has nothing to do with our biological family. Many of the people who come to our church have a very poor understanding of family. They grew up in environments filled with uncertainty, fear, confusion and a lack of trust. Our church is not anyone's history. We are a new community in Christ. We witness to that by sharing our testimonies with each other in celebration of God has done and continues to do.

A dear friend of BTM, Mitch, shared his testimony with us. He talked about the power of anger and resentment; about how it will dictate our relationship with God and anyone around us. Mitch shared how addiction ruled his life; how it was a prison inside of him. He spent years trapped by the lie that addicts commit every day. God isn't big enough to give me security or peace. Only my "drug of choice" will. Mitch gave testimony to the fact that BTM played a big role in leading him out of the lies and into God's truth.

After the service Mitch and I got to visit together in quiet. He said how he now understands the difference between facts and truth. Truth is far greater than the sum of all it's facts; it has a living presence all its own. I love that concept.
At Breakthrough Church our testimonies are a part of our family; a context in which we know each other, that we held in the palm of his hand, we are loved.
Come join us every Sunday!

5:00 PM Service
6:15 PM Supper
Breakthrough Church
217 Mackubin Street
St. Paul, MN 55102

God has done, is doing, and will continue to make all things work for His good! We need to continue to share and testify of these things.

I would also like to ask for your continued prayers. Prayers for complete healing for Dave's mom! And then prayers for our faith. That we would not for a moment take our eyes off of the Lord and what He can do!

Thank you,

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