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Monday, February 4, 2013

God provides for Commissioning and Nationals!

As mentioned in the post "The New Pastor", part of the process for Dave is to be commissioned. It's not required by rather a huge honor, blessing, and important part of this journey. I had mentioned how the Lord provided our plane tickets via two very important people in that post. What I didn't mention was that prior to deciding to go, I had been talking with Pastor Susan about this trip. You see, I was supposed to be going to Florida with Mackenzie as her cheer team will be competing at National's that same weekend. We were trying hard to fundraise for both of us to go. We didn't have money to send Mackenzie to Florida and so obviously we don't have money to send Dave and/or I to California. It just seemed like it would not be possible for me to go to California with Dave. But as always...we say "If it's God's will, it's God's bill".

So began the prayers for God to make a way for us to send Mackenzie to Florida, both Dave and I to California, and for someone to be able to watch Mitchell and Hailey while we go. Well, watching Mitchell and Hailey was quickly taken care of by asking Dave's mom and dad. Next came time for us to figure out how much money was raised for a large fundraiser held by the cheer team. In addition to funds raised earlier in the year, everything except $30 would be covered for Mackenzie's trip to Florida! Praise God!

The final need: the rest of the funds for our trip to California. Through a generous Christmas gift from Dave's parents, a generous offer from a friend from church, and the idea and gift of using a Happenings Book for car rental and hotel...EVERYTHING is covered! I mean everything! All hotels, meals, car rental, and even our gas! This is something that only God could do. God works through friends, family, and all things to allow for His will to be done!

Well...after God did all this to provide...the enemy wants to take that away. He continues to come at our families with illness. For those that don't know, last Wednesday Mary went to the ER and they found a brain tumor. For more details and to pray for her...here is her Caringbridge site.

As of today...we are not sure if we will go to California. We ask for your prayers...for wisdom and discernment. While many people, including Dave's mom and dad, continue to tell us to go...we want to be able to have peace about our decision. There is not clarity or peace for us right now. We hope to have clarity today based on what the doctors say.

We continue to proclaim perfect health over Mary and all our family and friends. The enemy has no right or claim and he is ordered to leave in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Praying without ceasing!

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